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  1. Angiotensin
  2. Leptin
  3. Estriol
  4. Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone
  5. Dihydrotestosterone
  1. a strongest androgen; principally responsible for masculinization in sexual differentiation
  2. b a major estrogen during pregnancy, the estrogen synthesized by the placenta
  3. c vasoconstrictor that results in an increase in blood pressure
  4. d signals the release of growth hormone by the anterior pituitary
  5. e Adipose Tissue (Fat)

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  1. LT
  2. Excess Prostaglandins
  3. Excess Growth Hormone
  4. Pancreas
  5. released by the stomach in the presence of food; gastrin promotes muscular activity of the stomach as well as secretion of hydrochloric acid, pepsinogen, and mucus

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  1. NorepinephrineNRE


  2. LipotropinPRH


  3. Thrombopoietinstimulates the production of red blood cells


  4. LipotropinAnterior Pituitary


  5. HyperparathyroidismSpasms, tetany, seizures