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  1. Neuropeptide Y
  2. Conn's Disease
  3. Prolactin
  4. paracrine
  5. Luteinizing hormone
  1. a targets the mammary glands stimulating them to produce breastmilk
  2. b neurotransmitter found in several brain areas, most notably the hypothalamus, that stimulates eating behavior and reduces metabolism, promoting positive energy balance and weight gain
  3. c Anterior Pituitary
  4. d hormones that affect only neighboring cells, really don't use blood vessels to circulate through the whole body
  5. e Excess Aldosterone (but no excess androgens)

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  1. CNS (Central Nervous System)
  2. Produced by the thyroid gland and decreases the blood calcium levels by stimulating calcium deposit in the bones (__________ keeps the bone in). The antagonist of the parathyroid hormone.
  3. Liver & Kidney
  4. ENK
  5. enzyme that is produced by the kidney; important for blood pressure and volume regulation; catalyzes the conversion of circulating angiotensinogen to angiotensin I

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  1. neurohormonea hormone that is released by a neuron (e.g., norepinephrine or vasopressin)


  2. HypothyroidismSpasms, tetany, seizures


  3. OxytocinWorks w/ insulin & glucagon to maintain normal blood sugar


  4. OxytocinOXT


  5. GoiterThyroxine Deficiency; Excess TSH