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  1. Prostacyclins
  2. Calcitonin
  3. releasing hormone
  4. Luteinizing hormone
  5. preprohormone
  1. a a substance that is a precursor to a prohormone, has minimal effect as a hormone itself
  2. b WOMEN: regulates estrogen secretion and ovum development; MEN: testosterone production
  3. c chiefly prevents formation of the platelet plug in hemostasis (part of blood clotting); it does this by inhibiting platelet activation; antagonist to thromboxanes
  4. d hormone secreted by the hypothalmus that regulates the release of other hormones from the anterior pituitary
  5. e Thyroid

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  1. Glucose isn't properly processed due to insulin insensitivity
  2. Milky discharge from the breasts of men or women who are not breastfeeding
  3. steroid hormone produced by the kidneys in response to the presence of PTH; stimulates calcium and phosphate ion absorption in the digestive tract; the active form of Vitamin D
  4. Anterior Pituitary
  5. Ovaries & Testes

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  1. HyperthyroidismAny condition in which the thyroid is underactive


  2. Glucagona hunger-arousing hormone secreted by an empty stomach


  3. MelatoninPineal Gland


  4. Low T3 Syndrome (Wilson's Syndrome)Excess Aldosterone (but no excess androgens)


  5. DopamineHypothalamus