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  1. Hepcidin
  2. Thyroxine
  3. Glucagon
  4. Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone
  5. Erythropoietin
  1. a Liver
  2. b Thyroid
  3. c GHIH or SST
  4. d Pancreas
  5. e EPO

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  1. Too much salt and water are lost in the urine, genital anamolies
  2. lipid molecule with four carbon rings that functions as a hormone
  3. neurotransmitter found in several brain areas, most notably the hypothalamus, that stimulates eating behavior and reduces metabolism, promoting positive energy balance and weight gain
  4. P
  5. The male sex hormone produced by the testes which promotes the maturation of the reproductive system, development of the male secondary sex characteristics, and is responsible for sexual drive (libido)

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  1. Antidiuretic HormoneADH


  2. ErythropoietinFunction not well understood, affects nuclear architecture, two receptors specific to __________ have been found on human T-cells


  3. InhibinOvaries & Testes


  4. Parathyroid HormoneParathyroid


  5. Antidiuretic HormoneGH


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