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  1. Hypothalamus
  2. Vesicle
  3. Secretin
  4. Autophagosome
  5. Calcitonin
  1. a Produced by the thyroid gland and decreases the blood calcium levels by stimulating calcium deposit in the bones (calcitonin keeps the bone in). The antagonist of the parathyroid hormone.
  2. b Storage/transport of materials in the cell; All Eukaryotes
  3. c Sequesters cytoplasmic material and organelles for degradation; All Eukaryotes
  4. d A hormone secreted by the small intestine (duodenum) in response to low pH (e.g., from stomach acid). It promotes the release of bicarbonate from the pancreas to act as a buffer.
  5. e A portion of the brain that contains a number of small nuclei with a variety of functions, it connects the nervous system to the endocrine system.

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  1. Function not well understood; secreted by adipocytes (fat cells) and may communicate signal low blood sugar; recently associated with the development of insulin insensitivity
  2. a hormone that is released by a neuron (e.g., norepinephrine or vasopressin)
  3. In colligative properties calculations this variable corrects for ionic dissociation
  4. Placenta
  5. PG

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  1. Low T3 Syndrome (Wilson's Syndrome)May result in loss of pituitary functions: ceasing of menstrual periods, infertility, fatigue, and intolerance to stress/infection.


  2. DihydrotestosteroneDHT


  3. amino acidbasic building blocks of protein molecules


  4. Adiponectinappears to increase insulin effects (sensitivity); anti-inflammatory and anti-arthrogenic


  5. Mole FractionA concentration at which no further solute will dissolve in a solution


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