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  1. Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone
  2. Galactorrhea
  3. Prolactin Releasing Hormone
  4. Peptide YY
  5. Progesterone
  1. a Anterior Pituitary
  2. b Milky discharge from the breasts of men or women who are not breastfeeding
  3. c P
  4. d GI Tract (Gastrointestinal Tract)
  5. e Hypothalamus

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  1. The condition of an animal cell in a hypotonic solution
  2. A solution with a much LOWER concentration than that of a solution within a semi-permeable membrane (such as a cell)
  3. a protein secreted by fat cells, when abundant causes the brain to increase metabolism and decreases hunger.
  4. The solubility of a gas in a liquid at a particular temperature is proportional to the partial pressure of that gas above the liquid
  5. basic building blocks of protein molecules

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  1. Thyroid Stimulating HormoneAnterior Pituitary


  2. autocrineDPM


  3. Osteoporosislipid molecule with four carbon rings that functions as a hormone


  4. tropic hormonehormone secreted by the pituitary gland that stimulates the production of another hormone; also known as a stimulating hormone ( e.g., thyroid-stimulating hormone)


  5. Adiponectintargets the mammary glands stimulating them to produce breastmilk