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  1. Hirsutism
  2. Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
  3. Glyoxysome
  4. Corticotropin Releasing Hormone
  5. Thymopoietin
  1. a Anterior Pituitary
  2. b CRH
  3. c Converts fats into sugars; Plants, few Fungi
  4. d Excess hair growth
  5. e TMPO

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  1. ENK
  2. LEP
  3. secreted by gastrointestinal tract; enhance glucose-stimulated release of insulin; inhibit glucagon
  4. In male embryos, turns off the development of a uterus and other female structures.
  5. Function not well understood, affects nuclear architecture, two receptors specific to __________ have been found on human T-cells

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  1. Graves' Disease, HyperthyroidismExcess thyroid hormone (s)


  2. GlucagonThe antagonist of insulin. Its release is stimulated by low blood glucose levels. It stimulates the liver, its primary target organ, to break down its glycogen stores to glucose and subsequently to release glucose to the blood.


  3. thyroid hormonePTH


  4. PancreasStorage, homeostasis; All Eukaryotes


  5. RelaxinRLN