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  1. What is the limbic lobe primarily composed of?
  2. loss of brain function, emotional disturbances
  3. What is the limbic system of structures important for?
  4. What are the three targets for antiparasitic chemotherapy?
  5. Subarachnoid Hematoma
  1. a emotional responses, drive-related behavior and memory
  2. b What are the results of huntingtons disease?
  3. c 1) Enzymes/processes found only in the parasite

    2) Enzymes/processes found in both the host and parasite but indispensable only in the parasite

    3) Common biochemical functions found in both parasite and host, but with different pharmacological properties
  4. d the cingulate and parahippocampal gyri
  5. e ruptured artery in space between arachnoid and pia (subarachnoid) - dendritic pattern on a CT - Thunderclap headache

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  1. some nuclei control respiration, BP, motor activity of neck and mouth, other nuclei receive sensory info from chemo and mechanoreceptors
  2. Plays a role in emotion, anger and aggression
  3. serotypes and produce IgA (mucosal surface)
  4. modulates and relays sensory and motor information from basal ganglia and cerebellum to cerebral cortex
  5. 1) O6 guanine
    2) short halflife...IV admin. Not a prodrug.
    3) mostly n/v...
    4) no.

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  1. 1) What does flutamide do?
    2) side effects
    3) is it a steroid?
    4) Does it operate upstream or downstream of leuprolide?
    5) Excretion?
    1) blocks the AR
    2) similar to gosirelin etc...loss of libido/potency, breast changes, vaso flush...also GI/liver problems.
    3) no
    4) Downstream. Leuprolide overstimulates the pituitary; flutamide inhibits receptors on the target tissues.
    5) Urinary


  2. Explain the main chemical and physical characteristics of CSFmore Cl-, less proteins/ glucose/K+/ Ca2+, lower pH and poorer buffering capacity than blood plasma


  3. What arteries supply the medullarPICA and ACA


  4. toxicity of cisplatin*anorexia
    -myelosuppression @ 10-14 days, alopecia, nausea, vomiting


  5. Depolarizing agentsControls heart activity, breathing, and sweating. Point of fiber crossover from body to brain (where spinal cord enters skull and joins brain)