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  1. 42
  2. Lateral lemniscus tract
  3. sex-linked traits
  4. What are some contraindication/precautions for Isoniazid (INH)
  5. What are some Nursing Responsibilities when administering Cefazolin?
  1. a afferent - auditory
  2. b Primary Auditory Cortex
  3. c Previous allergy to drug
    Significant renal/hepatic impairment
    Seizure disorder
  4. d Monitor for Fluid volume status, super infections, and hematologic functions.
    Report any bleeding.
    Dont drink Alcohol.
    Immediately report severe or persistent diarrhea, bleeding or bruising, secondary infections.
  5. e characteristic controlled by genes on the X chromosome

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  1. block voltage gated Na channels and prevent arrival of impulse at nerve terminal and cause paralysis
  2. The inferior and middle frontal gyri, most of the pre and post cenral gyri, the superior and inferior parietal lobules, the superior and middle temporal gyri, and the rostral portions of the occipital lobe
  3. What is down syndrome?
  4. hot flashes, decreased libido, impotence, gynecomastia, nausea, vomiting, feminization
  5. 1. Don't take on an empty stomach to avoid GI upset
    2. Don't mix oral solutions in a styrofoam cup because meds can adhere to sides

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  1. What does the labryinthine artery supply?the inner ear, NOT THE BRAIN STEM


  2. True or False: Changes in the DNA of an organism are called mutations.False. Affect should be dont' affect


  3. dominatPrimary Motor


  4. Endometrial Shedding, Menstruation, and Repairthis change in the endometrium occurs in the late luteal phase due to sustained high levels of progesterone, causing decreased amounts of PR and ER-alpha receptors, no longer allowing E2 or P4 to work on it


  5. What are 2 treatments for LE syndromeMutations that take place in an organism's body cells and can therefore affect the organism