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  1. Glucocorticoids
    1) Why do they work?
    2) sides?
  2. In point mutations, what are substitutions?
  3. Describe Pharmacokinetics of Zidovudine (ACT)
  4. CT scan
  5. Malignant
  1. a 1) they bind their receptor and initiate apopt.
    2) typical cushing things - glucose, osteoporosis, immuno, psyc.
  2. b dangerous to health
  3. c X-ray source is rotated - gives axial slice. Can resolve white and grey matter, blood, cerebrospinal fluid and FRESH BLOOD (hemorrhages); indications - hemorrhages (increased intracranial pressure + head trauma with skull fractures), infarctions, abscesses, tumors
  4. d When one nucleotide in a codon is replaced with a different nucleotide, resulting in a new codon
  5. e Given IV or PO
    Cross BBB

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  1. Normal (<5 cells/mm^3) but IgG increased (changes in T lymphocytes), NORMAL protein and NORMAL glucose
  2. near the base of the pineal body
  3. Gene
  4. Usually given PO or topically
    Poorly absorbed and not distributed
  5. The circle of Willis

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  1. Schwann cellsMetformin, butformin, phentformin
    MOA: reduces gluconeogenesis from liver, decrease glucose absorption in gut, increased sensitivity of cells to insulin
    First Line therapy for Type II diabetes
    Does not cause hypoglycemia because it does not effect insulin itself


  2. AntibioticsAntibody for blood type A


  3. Describe the arterial supply to the brain, brainstemolive (olivary nuclei), pyramid (pyramidal tract - crosses over just below medulla), medial lemniscus


  4. Prolactintargets the mammary glands stimulating them to produce breastmilk


  5. Beta blockersThis hormone is critical for endometrial growth