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  1. IBIB and IBi
  2. MOA of mechlorethamine hydrochloride
  3. Describe Adverse Effects of Erythromycin.
  4. Blood supply for tumors
  5. Right Hemisphere
  1. a NVD is most common
    Phlebitis and intense pain at the injection site
    Hearing loss, vertigo, and dizziness
    May be Cardiotoxic
  2. b This half of the brain specializes in perception of physical environment, art, nonverbal communication, music & spiritual aspects. It receives information from and controls the opposite side of the body.
  3. c served by blood capillaries that have no tight junctions - paracellular transport facilitates supply of nutrients that promotes growth of the tumor
  4. d possible genotypes for blood type B
  5. e cross-link DNA-->inhibition of DNA synthesis & function

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  1. 1) humanized
    2) binds the her-2-neu receptor, inhibits growth of the cell AND promotes antibody dependent cell killing. Takes advantage of fact that some breast cancers overexpress HER2Neu
    3) cardiotox, esp with doxo; hypersensitivity.
  2. Assess for positive TB tests
    Adhere to long term therapy
    Monitor Serum drug levels
    Vitamin B6 supplement
    Orthostatic Hypotension
  3. 18;14 BCL2 constituitively activates anti-apoptotic gene BCL2 in b cells.
  4. the rolandic sulcus
  5. Acromegaly, tumors

    Giantism, tumor

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  1. Describe the influence of the efflux of potassium ions on the repolarizing phase of the action potentiallateral ventricles -> interventricular foramina of Monro -> third ventricle -> cerebral aqueduct -> fourth ventricle -> central canal of spinal cord


  2. Estriola major estrogen during pregnancy, the estrogen synthesized by the placenta


  3. positiveIn the late follicular phase, is estrogen feedback positive or negative upon GnRH


  4. Antigen Btypically signal cells to divide, but if mutated become overactive & tell cells to divide/grow when they normally shouldn't


  5. What are Y-linked genes?Genes found on the Y chromosome