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  1. FSH in Luteal Phase
  2. toxicity of vincristine
  3. tetrasomy 18p syndrome
  4. WHat is Duchenne muscular dystrophy?
  5. Pseudo-unipolar neurons
  1. a at this time after ovulation, this hormone decreases because of negative feedback from inhibin A, increased levels of P4, and E2
  2. b a form of muscular dystrphy that weakens and progressively destroys muscle tissue
  3. c *Neurotoxic--antigrade & retrograde axon transport mediated by microtubules
  4. d two axon branches out of cell body, one is towards CNS, other to PNS. Sensory neurons in DRG and barroreceptor-sensitive cells in the nodose ganglion
  5. e Sx: developmental delay, mild to severe mental retardation, microcephaly, high-arched palate. Results from isochromosome formation of one chromosome.

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  1. Infuse IV over 60 minutes with at least 200mL.
    Not metabolized, so Kidney function is CRUCIAL!!
  2. snake venom - nicotinic antagonist - IRREVERSIBLY binds to Ach binding sites - paralysis
  3. Skin color, eye color, human height, foot size
  4. Produced by the thyroid gland and decreases the blood calcium levels by stimulating calcium deposit in the bones (__________ keeps the bone in). The antagonist of the parathyroid hormone.
  5. -Increased metabolism (weight loss)
    -skin is flushed
    - Increased apetite
    - tachycardia, hypertension and tremor

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  1. Klinefelter's SyndromeSx: Tall, thin males, hypogonadism, infertile, learning disorders, psychosocial deficits. Most cases result from meiotic nondisjunction, 50% paternal meisosis 1, 50% maternal.


  2. What is sex lineage?local response that has no threshold, may be hyperpolarization or depolarization, mediated by a receptor, amplitude is proportional to stimulus amplitude. Summation of responses occurs, spreads with decrement and fails to spread over long distances


  3. Examples of Tumor Suppressorstypically tell a cell to stop dividing, but if mutated won't stop cells from dividing


  4. Chlorethylnitrosoureas - Lipophilic; names end in mustine.
    1) Why is their lipophilicity important?
    2) how does this drug damage DNA, as well as damage the lysyls on enzymes?
    3) What's the most important property?
    4) tox
    5) how does it activate?
    1) they can slip across the BBB
    2) 2 different metabolites.
    3) Alkylating
    4) the usual..slow myelo. also some kids get kidney problems.
    5) It has to undergo decomposition to make the active carbonium.


  5. What are some Nursing Responsibilities when administering Cefazolin?Monitor for Fluid volume status, super infections, and hematologic functions.
    Report any bleeding.
    Dont drink Alcohol.
    Immediately report severe or persistent diarrhea, bleeding or bruising, secondary infections.