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  1. Progesterone (P4)
    1) Where do they usually hit?
    2) what's a bifunctional agent? What's a monofunctional?
  3. Orexin
  4. Ibritumab & Tositumab
    "Burritumab & Toastumab"
    1) Why are these nicknames appropriate?
  5. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  1. a this hormone is negligible during the follicular phase but then shoots up during the luteal phase because it is created by the corpus luteum
  2. b 1) They usually hit N7 of guanine; other sites are alkylated too; nitrosoureas prefer O6 on guanine.
    2) A bifunctional is one that causes crosslinking; a monofunctional one is mutagenic/carcinogenic.
  3. c causes thyroid gland cells to secrete T3 and T4; stimulates thyroid growth
  4. d plays a critical role in preventing abnormal consciousness transitions, particularly into REM sleep; may stimulate hunger
  5. e 1) Just like the foods, these antibodies are HOT. They carry radioactive compounds, which cook the cancers.

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  1. In the absence of male hormones, these develop into the vagina, uterus and Fallopian tubes
  2. metencephalon (cerebellopontine angle)
  3. Metencephalon (pons)
  4. myelencephalon (postolivary sulcus)
  5. depolarizing effects of cation flux through open nAChRs spreads in both direction from the end plate with decrement (length constant)

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  1. What is trisomy?Crisis Alert!!!
    Hypermetabolism and increased sympathetic signaling.
    essentially all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism at once
    treatment with antithyroid drugs and symptomatic use of beta-blockers. These go against the sympathetic signaling


  2. What does the basilary artery split into at the level of the midbrain?The posterior cerebral arteries


  3. cystic fibrosis, albinismexample of recessive genetic disorder


  4. Where does the opthalamic artery branch?The limbic system


  5. Leptina protein secreted by fat cells, when abundant causes the brain to increase metabolism and decreases hunger.


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