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  1. Busulfan
  2. Transient ischemic attack (TIA)
  3. Where is the occipital lobe located?
  4. What is the drug of choice for the treatment of Pneumocystis jirovecii?
  5. Contralateral control
  1. a Alkylating, DNA cross-linking agent
  2. b in the cerebral hemispheres, caudal to the imaginary line drawn between the parieto-occipital fissure and the preoccipital notch
  3. c Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole
  4. d Temporary lack of blood supply causing an acute loss of cerebral or monocular function - lasts less than 24 hours - caused by circulatory dysfunction - depriving parts of the brain of adequate blood
  5. e Opposite side. Motor information from left hemisphere directs motor responese to right side of body.

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  1. It is composed of fibers interconnecting the two cerebral hemispheres that is large and consists of four parts
  2. Pons, cerebellum, rostral fourth ventricle, cranial nerves V-VIII
  3. Ampicillin is a drug that inhibits bacterial wall synthesis by binding PBPs. This drug is bacteriocidal and inactivated by penicillinase. Ampicillin is a Broad spectrum antibiotic.
  4. What are the results of huntingtons disease?
  5. Two posterior cerebral arteries, 2 posterior communicating arteries, 2 internal carotid arteries, 2 anterior cerebral arteries, and 1 anterior communicating arteries

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  1. Describe the structure of nicotinic Ach receptors at the muscle fiber end platehas 5 subunits - 2abgd = fetal, 2abed = adult; adult permit larger currents but have more frequent opening times with shorter mean open time - better suited to fast activation of skeletal muscles


  2. Primaquinekills liver schizonts of P. vivax and P. ovale


  3. MOA of paclitaxelHER-2 kinase small molecule inhibitor


  4. Where is the Wernicke's are located?it extends from the central sulcus caudally to an imaginary line drawn between the parietal-occipital sulcus and the preoccipital notch


  5. DTaP(diptheria and tetanus) you give anacellular vaccine (avoid whopping cough)