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1. The AFDS consists of:
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11. In which modes will the A/T not reposition the thrust levers after pilots' interference?c) THR HOLD and ARM.12. What is indicated by a steady red A/P light?b) Expect unusual A/P behaviour due to a stabilizer out of trim condition.13. Condition: A/P in command, operating in V/S, A/T on. If the actual speed becomes less than a minimum speed the AFDS reverts to LVL CHG.b) True.14. In flight; A/T controlling the MCP speed. What is indicated by a flashing amber A/T light?b) Airspeed differs from commanded speed by +10 or -5 knots.15. What is the correct statement regarding the APP mode?c) The G/S can only be captured after LOC capture.16. After VOR/LOC and G/S are both captured, the APP mode can be de-activated by:a) Disengaging A/P (s) and switching both F/D switches to OFF. c) Retuning a VHF NAV receiver.17. What is the minimum Radio Altitude to engage the second A/P in CMD, for dual A/P operation in the APP mode?c) 800 ft RA.18. Condition: Dual A/P operation in the APP mode. FLARE armed should be annunciated before:b) 500 ft RA.19. At which RA should the FLARE mode engage in the DUAL A/P APP mode?b) Approx. 50 ft RA.20. Condition: Single channel ILS approach. What is the minimum altitude to disconnect the A/P?a) 160 ft AGL. DZIWNE21. Condition: Non-Precision approach. What is the minimum altitude to disconnect the A/P?b) 50 ft below MDA.22. Condition: Normal approach, below 2000 ft (A/T engaged). What will the A/T do if a TO/GA switch is pressed once?c) It will drive the thrust levers to a reduced G/A N1 setting.23. When during a N-1 approach a Go-Around is initiated, what is the correct statement:a) G/A thrust must be set manually.