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  1. Prodigal
  2. Divergent
  3. Rant
  4. Antiquated
  5. Exalt
  1. a Raise in rank or dignity; praise
  2. b Varying; going in different directions from the same point
  3. c Rave; talk excitedly; scold; make a grandiloquent speech
  4. d Wasteful; reckless with money
  5. e Old-fashioned; obsolete

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  1. Loiter or dawdle; continue or persist
  2. Contradict; give a false impression
  3. Overjoyed; in high spirits
  4. Trivial; unimportant
  5. Severe poverty; stinginess

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  1. EmulateImitate


  2. ConflagrationFlattery; admiration


  3. DiscloseReveal


  4. MundaneWorldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday; concerned with the commonplace


  5. MoroseIll-humored; sullen


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