The biography of Joseph Conrad that appears on this page is followed by five sentences. Rewrite each sentence, filling in the blank with an appropriate word. Use the directions in parentheses as a guide. You will need to consult the biography in order to fill in some of the blanks properly.\ One of the great modern masters of English prose, Joseph Conrad did not learn the language until he was twenty years old. He was born in Russia in 1857 of Polish parents, both of whom died when he was young. He was cared for by an uncle until he joined the French merchant marine at the age of sixteen. He spent the next four years sailing on French ships to ports throughout South America and the Caribbean. At the age of twenty, he joined the English merchant marine and for sixteen years traveled to the South Seas. In 1890 he captained a boat traveling up the Congo River in Africa, an experience that inspired Heart of Darkness. Conrad ended his seafaring career in 1894, married, and retired to southern England. The Conrads moved about, living in two or three houses not far from London. There, in the various country homes he and his family rented, he wrote sixteen books, including Lord Jim, Nostromo, and the novella The Secret Sharer.\ Conrad’s life at sea and in foreign ports provided the background for much of his writing. People assumed, because of these tales of foreign places, that Conrad was committed to foreign affairs. The truth was simply that Conrad was concerned with the human condition. He chose his characters out of experience and concern for their situations, not out of an allegiance to some other flag. Lord Jim is Conrad’s best-known novel. In this work, a man spends his life trying to make up for an act of cowardice he committed as a young officer during a shipwreck in the East. Conrad’s novel studies the man’s emotions, the idea of personal honor, and the issue of cowardice. In most of Conrad’s writings, his outlook on life is gloomy. Heart of Darkness is no exception as Conrad explores the sinister depths to which humans will sink.\ ________ Conrad did not learn English until he was twenty, he became a master of English prose. (Add a subordinating conjunction.)
Choose the best answer. 1. Which of the following organizations would be considered a nongovernmental not-for-profit organization? a. An organization that provides shelter for men who have been victims of domestic violence and has been designated as a not-for-profit organization by the IRS. The board of trustees is composed of county commissioners, but in the case of the dissolution of the organization, any remaining funds would be donated to the United Way. Funding for the organization comes entirely from contributions. b. An organization that provides services to persons who wish to learn English as their second language. The organization is incorporated and is funded by fees charged to the learners. All profits are reinvested in the organization to provide further services. The organization has applied for not-for-profit status with the IRS. c. An organization classified by the IRS as a not-for-profit organization that employs individuals with disabilities in a workshop where the workers make custom stationery out of recycled goods. The organization receives cash and in-kind contributions as well as the proceeds from the sale of the stationery. The organization’s board is composed of local businessmen and women. d. An organization that provides fund-raising services for other not-for-profit organizations. The organization is funded by fees for its services and was incorporated by the former chairperson of the local United Way organization. The organization distributes 40 percent of its profits to local charities. 2. According to GAAP, all not-for-profit organizations are required to prepare only the following statements: a. A statement of activities, a statement of cash flows, and a statement of functional expenses using accrual accounting. b. A statement of activities, a balance sheet, and a statement of cash flows using accrual accounting. c. A statement of financial position and a statement of activities using accrual accounting. d. A statement of cash flows, a statement of activities, and a statement of financial position using either cash basis or accrual basis accounting. 3. Jane’s Planes is an organization that provides air transportation for critically ill children. A friend of Jane’s Planes, Richard Bucks, donated a plane to be used for whatever purpose the organization chooses. In addition, he donated a substantial amount of investments that were to be used strictly to generate income to help fund the organization’s expenses. These donations would be included in the organization’s net assets as Plane Investments a. With donor restrictions With donor restrictions b. Without donor restrictions With donor restrictions c. With donor restrictions Without donor restrictions d. Without donor restrictions Without donor restrictions 4. In a local NFP elementary school’s statement of cash flows, a contribution restricted for use on a new building project would be reported as a. A financing activity. b. A capital and related financing activity. c. An investing activity. d. An operating activity. 5. A wealthy donor promised $1 million to the local art museum to expand the size of its building, contingent on the museum obtaining a grant from the State Endowment for the Arts of at least$500,000. Upon completing a signed agreement with the donor, the museum should a. Record a debit to Contributions Receivable—With Donor Restrictions in the amount of $1,000,000. b. Record a debit to Contributions Receivable—With Donor Restrictions in the amount of$500,000. c. Not make a journal entry until the conditions of the agreement have been met. d. Either a or c is permissible, depending on the museum’s established policy. 6. Orlando Perez, president of a local information systems company, volunteered his time to help develop software for Best Friends, a local no-kill pet shelter. The software will allow the organization to track intake, placement, and statistics of animals in its three locations. Without Mr. Perez’s assistance, Best Friends would have needed to hire someone to develop this software. Best Friends should record the value of Mr. Perez’s time as a. Program revenue and supporting services expense. b. Contribution revenue and supporting services expense. c. Program revenue and program expense. d. Contribution revenue and a program expense. 7. The Maryville Cultural Center recently conducted a successful talent show in which local talent performed for a nominal prize. The talent show is an ongoing major event and is central to the center’s mission. The event raised $4,800 in gross revenue. Expenses related to the event included$1,000 to rent an auditorium, $1,200 to advertise the event,$500 for trophies and other awards for the winner and the runners up, and $100 for printing and mailing tickets. The center believes there was no monetary value received by donors (attendees). To report this event in its statement of activities, the center will report a. Special event revenue of$4,800 and special event expense of $1,500. b. Special event revenue of$4,800 and fund-raising expense of $1,300. c. Special event revenue of$2,300 and fund-raising expense of $1,300. d. Both a and b are correct. 8. Many not-for-profit organizations attempt to classify fund-raising expenses as program services expenses by making the activities look educational in nature or advocating for the mission of the organization. For such expenses to be reported as program services expenses, they must meet which of the following three criteria: a. Purpose, mission-related, and benefit to the public. b. Purpose, audience, and content. c. Purpose, expand donor base, and content. d. Reasonable, improve financial condition, and benefit to the public. 9. Save Our Beaches, an NFP organization, prepared and distributed a trifold flyer to individuals and families at White Sands Beach, a popular beach for both residents and tourists. The flyer provided information about beach pollution and invited the public to participate in the organization’s semiannual beach cleanup. In addition, one segment of the flyer solicited contributions to the organization to help fund its activities. The cost of the flyer and its distribution would most likely be considered a. A fund-raising cost. b. A program cost. c. Both fund-raising and program costs. d. A management and general expense. 10. A particular organization functions as an intermediary between donors and other beneficiary organizations. The intermediary organization must report contribution revenue from donors if a. The organization has variance power. b. The organization elects to consistently report such donor gifts as contribution revenue. c. The beneficiary organization requests a delay in receiving the contribution from the intermediary organization. d. All of the above are correct. 11. Volunteers contributed services to the symphony that had a fair value of$50,000. The services provided by the volunteers did not require specialized skills. Under what condition should the symphony recognize the fair value of the contributed services received? a. The contributed services will be recognized if they would have been acquired by the organization if not donated. b. The contributed services will not be recognized under any conditions. c. The contributed services will be recognized if they create or enhance a nonfinancial asset. d. All contributed services should be recognized if the fair value can be determined. 12. On December 31, Ecology Center, a nongovernment not-for-profit organization, received an unconditional pledge of $125,000 to be received in three years. The Ecology Center is confident that it will collect the entire$125,000. The Ecology Center uses the present value technique when measuring fair value. How should the Ecology Center record the pledge? a. Both a contribution receivable and a contribution without donor restrictions is recorded in the amount of $125,000. b. Both a contribution receivable and a contribution with donor restrictions is recorded in the amount of$125,000. c. No recording is made. d. Both a net contribution receivable and a contribution with donor restrictions is recorded for the present value of $125,000. 13. Lifeworks is a nongovernment not-for-profit organization that recently received a large gift from a donor in the amount of$3,000,000 in cash. The donor wishes to leave a legacy and therefore specified that Lifeworks cannot spend the $3,000,000 but can invest the$3,000,000 and use any earnings from the investments to support the organization. In the first year, $100,000 was earned but has not yet been spent. How would the$3,000,000 gift and the $100,000 in earnings impact the net assets of Lifeworks? a. Both the$3,000,000 and the $100,000 increase the net assets with donor restrictions. b. The$3,000,0000 gift and the $100,000 in earnings would not impact the net assets until the money is spent. c. The$3,000,000 increases the net assets with donor restrictions and the $100,000 increases the net assets without donor restrictions. d. Both the$3,000,000 and the $100,000 increase the net assets without donor restrictions.