Comtex Company provides cable and Internet services in the greater Boston area. There are many competitors that provide similar services. Comtex believes that the key to financial success is to offer a quality service at the lowest cost. Comtex currently spends a significant amount of hours on installation and post-installation support. This is one area that the company has targeted for cost reduction. Comtex’s balanced scorecard for 2017 follows. $$ \begin{matrix} \text{Objectives} & \text{Measures} & \text{Target Performance} & \text{Actual Performance}\\ \text{Financial Perspective}\\ \text{Increase shareholder value} & \text{Operating-income changes from productivity} & \text{\$2,400,000} & \text{\$800,000}\\ & \text{Operating-income changes from growth} & \text{\$520,000} & \text{\$250,000}\\ \text{Customer Perspective}\\ \text{Increase customer satisfaction} & \text{Positive customer survey responses} & \text{70\\\%} & \text{65\\\%}\\ \text{Increase customer acquisition} & \text{New customers acquired through company sponsored community events} & \text{475} & \text{350}\\ \text{Internal-Business-Process Perspective}\\ \text{Develop innovative services} & \text{Research and development costs as a percentage of revenue} & \text{5\\\%} & \text{6\\\%}\\ \text{Increase installation efficiency} & \text{Installation time per customer} & \text{5 hours} & \text{4.5 hours}\\ \text{Increase community involvement} & \text{Number of new programs with community organizations} & \text{12} & \text{15}\\ \text{Decrease working injuries} & \text{Number of employees injured in the workplace} & {<\text3} & \text{7}\\ \text{Learning-and Growth Perspective}\\ \text{Increase employee competence} & \text{number of annual training-hours per employee} & \text{10} & \text{11}\\ \text{Increase leadership skills} & \text{Number of leadership workshops offered} & \text{2} & \text{1}\\ \text{Increase employee safety awareness} & \text{Percent of employees who have completed safety certification training} & \text{100\\\%} & \text{95\\\%}\\ \end{matrix} $$ 1. Was Comtex successful in implementing its strategy in 2017? Explain. 2. Do you agree with Comtex’s decision to include measures of developing innovative services (research and development costs) in the internal-business-process perspective of the balanced scorecard? Explain briefly. 3. Is there a cause-and-effect linkage between the measures in the internal-business-process perspective and the customer perspective? That is, would you add other measures to the internal-business-process perspective or the customer perspective? Why or why not? Explain briefly. 4. Why do you think Comtex included balanced measures relating to employee safety and community engagement? How well is the company doing on these measures?