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Zulu 1 set

Zulu 133 terms

by Shane_Mooney1

Long text 1 set

Urban quiz 1 Keyterms (chapters 6, 16, 21) 54 terms

by Kayy9

test 2 sets

asd 3 terms

by sophiabk

Je me présente 15 terms Private

by sophiabk

test 0 sets

German 101 2 sets

10. German People 38 terms

by ulrichmk

German colors 12 terms

by vdraper

Latin 2 sets

Vocabulary Review 77 terms

by RKilian

Lesson 3: DIDO and AMI 21 terms

by RKilian

In Class Game Testing 8 sets

Vocabulary Review 77 terms

by RKilian

Vocabulario de Clase T1 Español 4 56 terms

by jderuff

Lesson 2: 2nd Conjugation and Future Tense 24 terms

by RKilian

El Mundo de Las Artes 38 terms

by pmayrisch16

La Familia 24 terms

by em_azucena
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Finnish 2 sets

Sabores de Jelly Belly 32 terms

by sophiabk

Finnish Colors 11 terms Private

by sophiabk

Duolingo/Quizlet German 5 sets

Sets from Duolingo's German Course

Adjectives: Predicative (German Duolingo) 36 terms

by euphwes

Duolingo German: Food 68 terms

by SharkPig

Duolingo German: Feelings 16 terms

by initforthelutz

Duolingo German: Adjectives Predicative 2 50 terms

by HNHSFrau2013

German: Duolingo level 1-4 Nouns 31 terms

by eseymour927

Hebrew Folder 8 sets

The Hebrew Primer - Lessons 1, 2, and 3 69 terms

by sophiabk

The Hebrew Primer - Lessons 4, 5, and 6 73 terms

by sophiabk

Hebrew Words 46 terms

by sophiabk

French Set 2 terms Private

by sophiabk

The Hebrew Primer - Lessons 7 & 8 91 terms

by sophiabk
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HP sets 5 sets

Literature Vocabulary 10 terms

by sophiabk

German Food Adjectives 10 terms

by sophiabk

French Animal Names 10 terms

by sophiabk

Biology Terms - Unit 7 10 terms

by sophiabk

Nursing Abbreviations 10 terms

by sophiabk

Custom Audio Sets 57 sets

sweet sets with Voice Recording

Talk German - pre-course preparation 54 terms

by RachelHibberd

Un jour bizarre: Scène 2 21 terms

by MmeThomas

Mīlle 201-300 100 terms

by magistergollan

Vlk a žeriav 13 terms Private

by bezucebnice

Salut, mon ami Scène 4 22 terms

by MmeThomas
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