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  1. Conn's Disease
  2. spasm
  3. vit a, c, d, calcium, phosphorous
  4. Posterior Pituitary
  5. Vaginismus
  1. a involuntary spasm of the vagina preventing penetration during sexual intercourse
  2. b Hypokalemia, increased blood pH (alkalosis), hypertension, excess aldosterone
  3. c aka cramp; sudden, violent, involuntary contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles
  4. d essential nutrients needed for bone growth
  5. e Hormones synthesized by the Hypothalumus are stored and secreted by __________

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  1. has only one copy of a given chromosome in a diploid cell
  2. lack of normal muscle tone
  3. vascular lining of the uterus that forms the maternal portiin of the placenta
  4. sterile, asses for drainage, examine condition of pins, clean from in to out, no ointment around the pins
  5. Gigantism is caused by the _____________ of HGH

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  1. flexionrubbing away of tissues


  2. anabolic steriodsUsed to stimulate the building of and increase mass and strength of skeletal muscle


  3. Antidiuretic Hormonesubstances that can trigger an immune response


  4. insular lobeContains post central angular gyrus, center for comprehension of written material


  5. flaccid paralysisa chronic pain syndrome, no known cause, often mistaken for pain med seekers, rule out everything else