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  1. olfactory
  2. disjunction
  3. Parietal Lobe
  4. Thyroglobin
  5. fracture
  1. a Contains post central angular gyrus, center for comprehension of written material
  2. b the normal separation and migration of chromosomes during cell division
  3. c a break in the continuity of a bone resulting from a blow, twisting, or crushing injury
  4. d Which nerve provides the sensory for smell?
  5. e _________ stores T3 and T4 for later use. Tyrosine and iodine covalently bond to create T1. T2 is produced when 2 iodine bond to Tyrosine

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  1. area in the frontal lobe which is important for planning and initiating higher level thinking
  2. bleeding following delivery
  3. Decreased testosterone levels can cause klinefelters syndrome, delayed puberty, gynecomastia and what other codition
  4. when a euploid cell has more than the diploid number of chromosomes
  5. "exiting" conducting away from the central nervous system (descending and often motor)

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  1. CryptomenorrhoeaSite, alternate host, or carrier that harbors pathogenic organisms and serves as a source from which other individuals can be infected.


  2. bisphosphonatesrotation of the forearm with palms facing up


  3. Sodium potassium pumpAntiviral compound sometimes used to treat influnza type A infections.


  4. dorsiflexionsoft tissue injury resulting from a blow or blunt trauma and does not usually affect ms structures but leaves a bruised area


  5. gray mattermade up of myelin and axons