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  1. glossopharyngeal
  2. shunt
  3. XII Hypoglossal
  4. Interneurons
  5. Hyperthyroidism
  1. a Excessive consumption of iodine MAY cause development of Goiter, Hypothyroidism, ___________, Thyroid Papillary Cancer, and/or iodermia (serious skin reaction.
  2. b Which cranial nerve mediates the taste from the posterior 1/3 of the tongue?
  3. c created passageway (tube) to connect ventricles to different paths to drain excess fluid
  4. d (most of the nerves in the body), only found in the CNS, interconnect other neurons
  5. e (M) Tongue muscles (geniohyoideus, thryrohyoideus, stylohyoideus)

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  1. the ease with which ions may pass though a membrane
  2. (M) Dorsal oblique muscle
  3. chronic degenerative disease of the liver
  4. ________ in the thyroid contain thyroglobulin, a glycoprotein rich in tyrosine. Iodide is trapped in the thyroid and reacts to tyrosine.
  5. Which nerves is the only one to start dorsally and then project ventrally?

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  1. Iodine________ would inhibit the production of T3 and T4


  2. Excoriationrotation of the forearm with palms facing down


  3. Cellulitisinflammation of the sub-cutaneous layer of the skin


  4. finger abduction, adductionL3 motor


  5. trigeminalWhich cranial nerve mediates the sensory of the anterior 2/3 of tongue?