Idiomas 2A - If you are from...? What do you speak?

7 terms By MsJChaney1 Teacher

Unit 3 What do you like to do? Set 1 Verbs

37 terms By corinneiverson Teacher

ESL What do you do in the evening?

17 terms By DemonBox Teacher

Let's Talk Arabic. Unit 5. What do you do?

32 terms By LetsTalkArabic

What language do you speak?

20 terms By alice-1 Teacher

Do you speak 2016?

18 terms By wynnster

'Do you speak globish?'(vocabulary)

30 terms By sally-wagstaffe Teacher

Speaking quiz What do you like to do?

3 terms By wendilincoln Teacher

Unidad 5.1 (When do you use SER and ESTAR?)

8 terms By Erik_Nordwall Teacher

What do you do?

14 terms By patricia_machado Teacher

French 1 Unit 3: What do you like to do?

44 terms By SCHSGigi Teacher

1 Do you speak Italian? (Nuovo Espresso 3)

22 terms By italianonlinegr Teacher

Learn Speaking, Chapter 4 - What work do you do?

58 terms By nayla_leerarabisch Teacher

¿Adónde vas? - where do you go?

35 terms By sratoland1 Teacher

What jobs do you do ?

10 terms By eva_svobodova Teacher

What do you like doing? 1/3

14 terms By glinj Teacher

Lesson 38: What do you like to do during weekends?

21 terms By julingwei Teacher

Rapid Spanish 10: Do you Speak English?

21 terms By mrmonaka Teacher

Unit 1 Part 2 (Names) Do you like your name?

6 terms By azmcnamara Teacher

Unit 3 What do you like to do? Set 2

35 terms By corinneiverson Teacher

B8U2-What Do You Want to Do?

10 terms By viviclin Teacher

B5U3-What Do You Do After School?

12 terms By viviclin Teacher

Speaking- Do you smoke? Why not?

8 terms By jodiechidlow

EAL A1: How do you feel?

11 terms By myersale Teacher

Do you? Do you? Do you?

5 terms By Mr_LaBolle Teacher

Do You Need Something?

15 terms By EastAvenueRoom36 Teacher

¿Qué haces allí? (What do you do there?)

14 terms By BerkBuc Teacher

Unidad 3 - What Do You Like to Do?

44 terms By degovea Teacher

¿Cómo te sientes? = How do you feel?

19 terms By brentsimpson1 Teacher

How often do you?..

17 terms By Katrinextra Teacher

What chores do you do?

8 terms By WallEnglish Teacher

Where do you?

17 terms By trishmellott

Unit 4 (Food) How do you choose your food?

8 terms By azmcnamara Teacher

do you like

10 terms By tellangielski Teacher

What types of books do you like?

16 terms By msangiedawes Teacher

What do you like to do?

12 terms By Everyday_Mandarin Teacher

How do you feel?

13 terms By quizlette828049 Teacher

What Do You Eat? 1/2

15 terms By glinj Teacher

Where do you live?

21 terms By MrsValenzuela Teacher

15 Where do you live?

10 terms By Huang-Laoshi Teacher