Idiomas 2A - If you are from...? What do you speak?

7 terms By MsJChaney1 TEACHER

Do you speak 2016?

18 terms By wynnster

'Do you speak globish?'(vocabulary)

30 terms By sally-wagstaffe TEACHER

ESL What do you do in the evening?

17 terms By DemonBox TEACHER

Let's Talk Arabic. Unit 5. What do you do?

32 terms By LetsTalkArabic

Speaking - Do you Smoke? Why (not)?

9 terms By amberlouisepark

Speaking- Do you smoke? Why not?

8 terms By jodiechidlow

Rapid Spanish 10: Do you Speak English?

21 terms By mrmonaka TEACHER

Unit 3 What do you like to do? Set 1 Verbs

37 terms By corinneiverson TEACHER

French 1 Unit 3: What do you like to do?

44 terms By SCHSGigi TEACHER

What language do you speak?

20 terms By alice-1 TEACHER

Do you? Do you? Do you?

5 terms By Mr_LaBolle TEACHER

1 Do you speak Italian? (Nuovo Espresso 3)

22 terms By italianonlinegr TEACHER

3B - Jobs (What do you do?)

28 terms By Gershgorin TEACHER

What do you do for fun? ENG-ENG A2

10 terms By mdesnos TEACHER

do you speak legalese

33 terms By ilovelife

01_01_BigMuzzy_how do you do

18 terms By Tatyana_Dzhemula TEACHER

¿Adónde vas? - where do you go?

35 terms By sratoland1 TEACHER

What language do you speak?

10 terms By lww2016 TEACHER

Speaking quiz What do you like to do?

3 terms By wendilincoln TEACHER

What do you like to do?

12 terms By Everyday_Mandarin TEACHER

What do you know about USA?

26 terms By JinxJones

Unidad 5.1 (When do you use SER and ESTAR?)

8 terms By Erik_Nordwall TEACHER

Speak Out Advanced 2.3 Who do you trust?

15 terms By noraheincz TEACHER

What do you do?

14 terms By patricia_machado TEACHER

Verbs - What do you like to do?

13 terms By raeca TEACHER

Term 4 Y7 What language do you speak?

14 terms By tn_wong TEACHER

EC- Do you speak English?

5 terms By WeiLinEnglishCenter TEACHER

Activity Verbs- What do you like to do?

25 terms By MsFoster TEACHER

What do you like doing? 1/3

14 terms By glinj TEACHER


28 terms By MarinaKrasnova TEACHER

Unit 5: Do you like....? / ¿Te gusta...?

60 terms By sinperderlacalma TEACHER

U1L10 Do you speak English or French

9 terms By speakupchinese

Unit 8: What do you need?

60 terms By LS_CNA-Q TEACHER

Realidades 1 - Chapter 1A - What do you like to do?

20 terms By CapraClasses TEACHER

J2 speaking 4/29/16 Do you know how to do~?

5 terms By michikoyu TEACHER

What do you do?

9 terms By patricia_machado TEACHER

Learn Speaking, Chapter 4 - What work do you do?

58 terms By nayla_leerarabisch TEACHER

What jobs do you do ?

10 terms By eva_svobodova TEACHER