Expresar deseos

By actualingua
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Subjunctive with Ojalá

By dfulmer
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Mira 3 Rojo Module 4 ¡Qué...!

By sydenham2015
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El presente de Subjuntivo - Reglas

By ZevenbergenTEACHER
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Lista de Expresiones Comunes Españolas

By profeemorales
39 terms by profeemorales

los verbos del uso del subjuntivo español 4 AP

51 terms by SrtaKnoppTEACHER

El presente y el presente perfecto del subjuntivo

By chavarria1
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El subjuntivo: presente y presente perfecto,

By cruzbfTEACHER
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El vocabulario para el examen 3-10, pgs. 119, 136-137

By rmz353TEACHER
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Estoy enfermo

By hunteri1
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Health and Welfare las expresiones

By SenoraRoberts1TEACHER
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Capítulo 9.2 - El subjuntivo (traducción)

By dambrodoyle
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Spanish Rejoinders

By sfroedge
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El subjuntivo (traducción)

By SraTanner
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Email Vocabulary

By victoriastudent
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Subjunctive Tense Indicators

By MsMoni
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BHS SP 2 La Casa: Otras Expresiones

By senoritameridaTEACHER
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Greetings and Goodbyes in Spanish #2

By viktoriyak2167
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Mira 3 (rojo) unidad 4 ¡Qué...!

13 terms by Vea123TEACHER

9 Expressions with Ojalá que

By JeffreyTPBrown
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DP2 Term 2 Español B El subjuntivo - Expresiones de deseo

By rosaicsTEACHER
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Higher level phrases for GCSE Spanish

By rugbylanguagesTEACHER
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Higher level phrases for GCSE Spanish

By mrmagslanguages
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Subjuntive sentence drills

By breencita
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El presente y el presente perfecto del subjuntivo

By echeverriaf
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Board Vocab 9/21/15

By Savvywells
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By manshagangwani
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8A/8B Subjuntivo

By profecupoTEACHER
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vocabulario útil 2 de capitulo 13

By tparke13
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8A/8B Subjuntivo

By maestra_salazarTEACHER
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S 2016/4/25

By yuri0618
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Word of day 3

By kait_kelleher
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Spanish 2 - Letter O

By dotmaurer
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¡Qué...! - How...!

By maddiemchaffie
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Work with the subjunctive--phase 1

By lrodriguez69
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Salud - Expressions

By cfischer2127
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By Lauren_Palinkas
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Ser y Saber Español 7 - Repaso Unidad 2

By Barbie_Irizarry
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Subjunctive with Verbs of Will and Influence

By sra_laurencio
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25 terms by SraVallinTEACHER

Spanish revision

By Nicolaas_Zwager
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Units 13-14

By pimsleurspanish
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ESP III - Opinions (subjunctive)

By emcnick
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Babbel Spanish Grammar 6.3: The *subjuntivo presente* of *ser*

By dpfonten1976TEACHER
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El tiempo y la ropa

By Sra_Sears
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¿Subjuntivo o no?

By profecupoTEACHER
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Salud - Expressions

By mejohnson1219
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¿Subjuntivo o no?

By Carrie_Williams2
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