English-Japanese Sentences from the Tatoeba Project - 02

By MaldivesTEACHER
400 terms by MaldivesTEACHER

Japanese Classrooms

By shhstudyingtil4am
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Yr 9 Japanese - Listening Revision

28 terms by MrCowleyAHSHSTEACHER

Japanese Flashcards

By bryp
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School Subjects

By Ramona_HutchinsonTEACHER
13 terms by Ramona_HutchinsonTEACHER

Japanese Kanji Vocab

By Barshmellow_43
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Japanese for JETs Vocabulary 2

By blakery1999
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⑦ School Stuff (英語⇔画像+日本語)

By abiloonTEACHER
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Japanese School Subjects

By Brandon_Herrera5
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G1 Language

By inoueyxTEACHER
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By Minepick
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By anhinck
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日本語 だいにか ことば

By tvananh147
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By tinalenguyen
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Year 9 LEAP UNIT 2 Kanji

By tlsc-JapaneseTEACHER
12 terms by tlsc-JapaneseTEACHER

CM 日本語 Vocab 1

By calinfundin
13 terms by calinfundin

school subjects in japanese

By kayavv
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By tformer1234
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subjects Unit 7 : Nihongo Kantan

By airiyoshida
16 terms by airiyoshida

Japanese LC たんごリスト3

By OSullivan_Chigusa
23 terms by OSullivan_Chigusa

Unit 7 Kanji : Nihongo Kantan

By airiyoshida
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By quizlette725627
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14 terms by ColpanTEACHER

AP Japanese kanji compound (School)

By kotani62TEACHER
54 terms by kotani62TEACHER

Year 10 - Unit 6 Vocabulary Subjects

By tlsc-JapaneseTEACHER
10 terms by tlsc-JapaneseTEACHER

Lesson 2

By Julio_Berthely
34 terms by Julio_Berthely

Japanese Nationality and Language Kanji

By KylerjaiTEACHER
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By abipedro1
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Kanji Classrooms

By shhstudyingtil4am
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Year 10 Japanese Unit 11 Quiz 4

By Sensei_TakaTEACHER
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Japanese vocab

By jos04
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Japanese class cards

By Nekodaniel
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ESC VCE Kanji Words 4a kanji English

37 terms by Mr_K_DawgTEACHER

japanese subject

By BroZillion
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School subjects

By kwaki1
9 terms by kwaki1

中学 英単語 名詞③

By rikima0801TEACHER
20 terms by rikima0801TEACHER

Japanese Classroom Flashcards

By ulquiorralover9456__
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Japanese Subjects (Hiragana Version)

By knibbsensei
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Japanese Classes

By Kynan_Elliott
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Year 8 LEAP - Vocabulary Subjects

By tlsc-JapaneseTEACHER
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Japanese expressions for limited Japanese

By DavidNav
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School Subjects

By Leslie525
9 terms by Leslie525

School Subjects

By GDarknezz
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日本語 - People

By Kitty_Oakley
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school subjects 学校のかもく

By pekoju
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By Skullykid
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UWM Japan 201 Genki Chapter 14 Kanji

By uwmlrcTEACHER
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School Subjects in Japanese

By Joseph_Russo08
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Japanese Lesson 6 Vocabs 6jk

By michaelmdn93
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By yoshikinakamoto
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