Herbs, Release Exterior Heat

10 terms By SuperShayla22

Herbs, Release Exterior Cold

14 terms By SuperShayla22


14 terms By mimiso1974

WARM ACRID HERBS - Release Exterior & Pics

14 terms By FredCaldwellEWCNM

Warm Acrid Herbs, Release Exterior

15 terms By gracePC8

TCM herbs-release exterior-warm-acrid (spicy)

16 terms By Holly_Hutton7

Warm Pungent herbs/ release exterior

39 terms By Meaw_Sachs

Warm Acrid Release Exterior (Herbs)

14 terms By jemanuelusa

Cool Acrid Release Exterior (Herbs)

11 terms By jemanuelusa

Herbs - Release Exterior

13 terms By Acecram

Herbs Release Exterior: warm, acrid

22 terms By Karen_Cox5

Midterm Herbs - Release Exterior

17 terms By jpose03


11 terms By mimiso1974

Cool Acrid Herbs - Release Exterior

17 terms By JessGreenBeanQi

Herbs - Release exterior II

12 terms By jpose03

Herbs - Release exterior

12 terms By jpose03

release exterior cooling herbs

5 terms By amandakarg

Herbs1 - Releases Exterior

25 terms By HerbanLioness

Herbs that Release Exterior

12 terms By heidimlongstreth

Warm Pungent herbs that release exterior

39 terms By vanessacisneros

Warm Acrid Release Exterior

31 terms By jemanuelusa

release exterior cooling herbs 6-10

5 terms By amandakarg

Herbs that Release Exterior Cold- Functions

14 terms By maemae1024

Spicy Cool release exterior

36 terms By stina-yo

Herbs that Release Exterior Heat- Action

10 terms By maemae1024

Release Exterior Wind-Heat Herbs

16 terms By JennyAkee