Integrated Chinese Lesson 17-1 pinyin & characters

By dancase479
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Integrated Chinese lesson 19 Dialogue 1 (character + pinyin)

By cchang_amhs
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Les. 1 Pinyin (Integrated Chinese)

By bamawolfe
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Integrated Chinese Lesson 1 Pinyin

By ltsou
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Integrated Chinese Lesson 4: Pinyin to Characters

By gstein123
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Integrated Chinese Level 2 Lesson 4 (characters/ pinyin : english)

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Integrated Chinese Chapter 16 Character-Pinyin

By goldielocks94
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Chinese Time 1(pinyin & characters)

By ChineseHL
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Integrated Chinese Lesson 1: Pinyin

By Zack857
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Integrated Chinese Lesson 1 Pinyin

By Kendall_Fire
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CHINESE 1_Unit 1_Pinyin and characters

By lujiesen
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Chinese1 pinyin/character

By quizlette299948
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Integrated Chinese 19-1 (Pinyin)

By nickbeebe
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Integrated Chinese Lesson 13 character and pinyin (English)

By notarealaccount101
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Integrated Chinese Lesson 1 Pinyin

By askauf
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