Te Ara Reo Maori Year 1: Weeks 1-3

By shellzzy
86 terms by shellzzy

Te Ara Reo Maori Year 1: Week 4

By Helen_Proctor
36 terms by Helen_Proctor

Y 10 Te Reo Māori - Directions and Commands

By Kare_Wiki
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English 10 Honors (Klein) - All Year Vocab

By kpratt922
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Honors English 10 end of the year literature test

By tessrenze
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English 10 Honors Mid-Year Exam Prep

By aneesh_avancha
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Honors Biology End Of The Year Exam (Ch. 9, 10, 11, 27, 32, and 33)

By lizzie_pierotti
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Kupu Maori

By Johnny_Waititi1
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Vocab for end of term 3 exam - Te Reo Maori

By KokaPMC7
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By Matua_AfoaTEACHER
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Te Reo Colours

By Emma_hoey
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Greetings and farewells Te Reo

By a4awesome
26 terms by a4awesome

Whakarauoratanga o te reo Māori 1

27 terms by Roni_NukuTEACHER

Maori Maori months of year

By jeanneg
12 terms by jeanneg

Te Reo Māori - Translate the following days of the week to English

By Danielle_Smith7021
13 terms by Danielle_Smith7021

Te Marautanga - School Curriculum Subjects

By Nyra_Marshall1TEACHER
19 terms by Nyra_Marshall1TEACHER


By Johnny_Waititi1
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By arohapirere
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By arohapirere
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Te Reo Māori commands in the classroom (He tononga reo Māori i te akomanga)

By Whaea_LouisaTEACHER
45 terms by Whaea_LouisaTEACHER

Kupu Mahi (Te Reo Māori Verbs)

By hahi_katorika
96 terms by hahi_katorika

Te Maramataka - Calendar Words

By stoneam
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By arohapirere
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By Johnny_Waititi1
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Te Whakarauoratanga o te reo Maori

By Okawa_Priest
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By arohapirere
17 terms by arohapirere

Kupu mahi

By hamaambler
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By TKearney
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Year 9, Te Mātāpuna Word List 2, Taku Rōpū Ako -

By simonpimm
54 terms by simonpimm

Tahitian or Reo Maori

By McKenzieLeahy
16 terms by McKenzieLeahy

Ngā Marama o te Tau - Māori months of the year

By hcduncan
12 terms by hcduncan

Ngā Hakinakina

By Nyra_Marshall1TEACHER
18 terms by Nyra_Marshall1TEACHER

Country Names

By arohapirere
15 terms by arohapirere

Te Reo Maori Mo taku ruma ako

By Tiipene
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By arohapirere
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By Johnny_Waititi1
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By arohapirere
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Te Whakarauoratanga o te reo Maori

By newlands06TEACHER
100 terms by newlands06TEACHER

Hui Māori

By Nyra_Marshall1TEACHER
55 terms by Nyra_Marshall1TEACHER