Art as Experience 2

By Kaylie_Walker
113 terms by Kaylie_Walker

Art as a world 2

By Linda_Stocum
127 terms by Linda_Stocum

Art as a World Phenomenon pt. 2

By flykick1231__
68 terms by flykick1231__

Art as a World Phenomenon 2

By becca_davis8
35 terms by becca_davis8

Literature as Art - List #2

By embarrassed
25 terms by embarrassed

Art As Experience Test 2

By Desmond_Jumbam
55 terms by Desmond_Jumbam

Art as Experience Visual Art Quiz 2

By laylacampbell8
16 terms by laylacampbell8

Arts as Exp. Test 2

By liz_nicholson
135 terms by liz_nicholson

Art as Experience 1-2 (Artwork)

By hannah4-6
23 terms by hannah4-6

Literature as an art list 2

By shelly_bhanot
23 terms by shelly_bhanot

Art as an Experience Quiz #2

By akr2015
16 terms by akr2015

Exam 2-Art as a World Phenomenon

By kelsey_hecht
135 terms by kelsey_hecht

Art As Experience Ch. 1-2

By hannah4-6
65 terms by hannah4-6


By brad_beyner
25 terms by brad_beyner

Art as History!

By Jennifer_Grosjean72
15 terms by Jennifer_Grosjean72

Art as Evidence

By Aswell26
14 terms by Aswell26

Film as an art form ch. 2

By tjn2424
20 terms by tjn2424

Cine as an Art Form 2

By mangolvr321
42 terms by mangolvr321

Dance as an Art Form Exam 2

By Shelby_Kestler
26 terms by Shelby_Kestler

AS History of Art

By claudiayeo
21 terms by claudiayeo

Art as an Experience Test #2

By Haley_Norris
60 terms by Haley_Norris

Art as Evidence

By lcolephs
30 terms by lcolephs

Dance as an Art Form Exam #2

By Shhhaniaa
25 terms by Shhhaniaa

art as exp quiz #2 questions bade

By Haley_Norris
24 terms by Haley_Norris

Film as Art Test 2 Concept

By jbrownie
30 terms by jbrownie

Art as Experience--Architecture

By jaylin_r__gadel
45 terms by jaylin_r__gadel

Les Arts AS

By alexchitty
55 terms by alexchitty

For as de arte

By Kailey_Hodel
66 terms by Kailey_Hodel

Dance as an Art Form Exam 2

By KittenMittens1234
26 terms by KittenMittens1234

Dance as an art form test 2

By akonyak
22 terms by akonyak

Dance as an Art Form Exam 2

By hailey_sammons
25 terms by hailey_sammons

Art as Experience Test

By Jobodahobo12
95 terms by Jobodahobo12

dance as an art form exam 2

By zjudes614
24 terms by zjudes614

Dance as an Art Form_exam 2

By karasimon
27 terms by karasimon

Art as a World Phenomenon

By becca_davis8
57 terms by becca_davis8

Art as Experience- Sculptures

By ciara_faulkner
23 terms by ciara_faulkner

Art as Evidence

By patt_swim
30 terms by patt_swim

Anti-Form: Art as process; LandArt: Art as Site

By brooklyn_cochran7
31 terms by brooklyn_cochran7

Art as Experience - Sculptures

By hannah4-6
41 terms by hannah4-6

Art as Experience - Architecture

By hannah4-6
109 terms by hannah4-6

Art as a world phenomenon exam 2 part 2

By ciara_duke
21 terms by ciara_duke

Film as art

By alyssawilson928
31 terms by alyssawilson928

Art as Humanities: Michaelangelo

By mebean97
23 terms by mebean97

Art as Humanities: Theater

By mebean97
31 terms by mebean97

Art as a world phenomenon exam 2 part 1

By ciara_duke
18 terms by ciara_duke

AS Art History - Chapter 2 - Materials, Techniques and Processes

By clarepackard
76 terms by clarepackard

art as experience final

By Jobodahobo12
107 terms by Jobodahobo12

Art as a World Phenomenon

By millerainia
15 terms by millerainia

As biology the heArt

By Amelia_09
10 terms by Amelia_09

Art as a world Phen Exam 2 (Artworks)

By Julianne_Galek
22 terms by Julianne_Galek