Chinese 2 pinyin to English

By SophieJuneTEACHER
60 terms by SophieJuneTEACHER

Chinese 2 pinyin to english

By zobbs3
22 terms by zobbs3

Chinese 2 Finals Pinyin English

By zobbs3
112 terms by zobbs3

English - Chinese (Pinyin) Lesson 2

By patrick_brinkley
48 terms by patrick_brinkley

Chinese Unit 2 (Pinyin To English)

By annaedunn1
113 terms by annaedunn1

Chinese Exam 2 Pinyin to English

By ivetty15
94 terms by ivetty15

Chinese Fruits, Pinyin and English

By Caroline_J_France
47 terms by Caroline_J_France

Chinese 2 Rooms pinyin to english

By zobbs3
13 terms by zobbs3

Chinese paragraph 2 english and pinyin

By PrincessCarys
8 terms by PrincessCarys

Chinese 2.1 Pinyin to English

By bhudson19
17 terms by bhudson19

Chinese 2 Lesson 1 (Chinese to Pinyin/English)

By jryan612
20 terms by jryan612

Chinese English-pinyin part 2

By darbycm
114 terms by darbycm

HSK 2 (Chinese-Pinyin-English) 1-300

By helenlangTEACHER
304 terms by helenlangTEACHER

chinese 2.1 pinyin to english

By kestaecker
14 terms by kestaecker

Chinese Lesson 2 English to Pinyin

By juliaycochran
24 terms by juliaycochran

Chinese 2 Lesson 3: Chinese to English/Pinyin

By jryan612
21 terms by jryan612

ESC 4 L2 Chinese pinyin English

By lingarama
45 terms by lingarama

Clothes Chinese to English (Pinyin)

By Loki1996
14 terms by Loki1996

Chinese Vocab 2.2 English & Pinyin

By chloharris
17 terms by chloharris

Chinese Vocab 3.2 Pinyin & English

By chloharris
15 terms by chloharris

Chinese Vocab 2.1 English & Pinyin

By chloharris
22 terms by chloharris

English pinyin - Chinese radical

By trung_sam
112 terms by trung_sam

Chinese Zodiac Animals (Pinyin/English)

By Pei-Laoshi88TEACHER
12 terms by Pei-Laoshi88TEACHER

Chinese Vocab 1.2 English & Pinyin

By chloharris
11 terms by chloharris

Clothes Chinese to English (Pinyin)

By ZhouzhouHe
17 terms by ZhouzhouHe

Chinese 1- unit 1.2- pinyin to English

9 terms by WangLaoshiMVTEACHER

Chinese Zodiac Hanzi / Pinyin / English

By cruziestTEACHER
20 terms by cruziestTEACHER

Chinese Fruits, Pinyin and English

By cherryaddresss
12 terms by cherryaddresss

Chinese Weather pinyin-English

By chineseteach
14 terms by chineseteach

Chinese numbers (pinyin-English)

15 terms by VMS-MandarinTEACHER

Level 2 Chinese lesson 6 English- pinyin/ character

By SymSavage
38 terms by SymSavage

Rutgers - Chinese 101 KF2 - Pinyin <> English

By regan_clarke
36 terms by regan_clarke

Mandarin Chinese Lesson 2 Vocabulary English to Pinyin

By Joyce_Watson_BKU
25 terms by Joyce_Watson_BKU

Lesson 8 section 2 Chinese -> English, pinyin

By SophiaDZ
14 terms by SophiaDZ

Integrated Chinese Level 2 Lesson 4 (characters/ pinyin : english)

40 terms by Haiwen_LuTEACHER

Comprehensive ch2 Chinese-English (Pinyin)

By andreas_andersson
14 terms by andreas_andersson

Chinese 2 Lesson 15 Pinyin & English

By rhata19
17 terms by rhata19

Chinese Fruits, Pinyin and English

By Laura_Headley7
47 terms by Laura_Headley7

Chinese Fruits, Pinyin and English

By thakkar_gautam
47 terms by thakkar_gautam

Chinese 2 - ch. 3 - pinyin->english

By lanniee13
66 terms by lanniee13

Chinese Chapter 7 Part 2 Pinyin to English

By cara_holmes7
15 terms by cara_holmes7

Chinese Pinyin and English Lesson 4 pt. 2

By martigendel
16 terms by martigendel

Jin Bu-Family (2) Chinese- English/Pinyin

9 terms by HSTWTEACHER

Chinese (Pinyin) to english (Fruit)

By Ma33ie
18 terms by Ma33ie

Chinese 2 Finals Vocab Words Pinyin-English

By nickstew
57 terms by nickstew

Chinese 2 Lesson 1 (Pinyin to English)

By jryan612
20 terms by jryan612

Colours in Mandarin Chinese + Pinyin & English

By LuchubbardTEACHER
19 terms by LuchubbardTEACHER

Integrated Chinese L3D2 - Pinyin/English

By rketsdever
15 terms by rketsdever

Clothes Chinese to English (Pinyin)

By qwertycraft262
14 terms by qwertycraft262

Chinese Food - English to Pinyin

By jinxiao_song
160 terms by jinxiao_song