Chinese Lesson 3 Pinyin to English

By juliaycochran
19 terms by juliaycochran

Unit2 lesson 3 Keywords Chinese-English

By Elaine_Liu9
12 terms by Elaine_Liu9

Chinese III Lesson 3 Can you help me... (others) Chinese/English

By moizyousufi86
29 terms by moizyousufi86

Chinese 2&3 weather

By chinesefun16
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Chinese Food--English Names

By EnglishYaps
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Chinese Food--English Names

By cindy_chiu2
31 terms by cindy_chiu2

ANIMALS (3) sentences in Chinese - Simplified with PinYin & English

By earlystartchinese
13 terms by earlystartchinese

L3-D2 Chinese to English Vocab

By RJ571
14 terms by RJ571

Chinese III Lesson 3 Can you help me... (others) Chinese/English

By happyqinghe
29 terms by happyqinghe

Pets (Chinese to English)

14 terms by horaeTEACHER

Chinese Greetings (Chinese-English)

10 terms by Wen_Li3TEACHER

Discovering Chinese Volume 3

By MelodyChang
167 terms by MelodyChang

English - Chinese animals

By quizlette657380
10 terms by quizlette657380

Chinese Vocab 3.2 Pinyin & English

By chloharris
15 terms by chloharris

Common Words - Chinese to English

By alanabbrown
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Chinese 3 Honors Page 3 Pinyin and English

By jason200996
17 terms by jason200996

Chinese to English Lesson 6.3.1

By quizlette155114
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Chinese 2 Chapter 3 Lesson 1 (Chinese-English)

By heidicytan
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Chinese 2 Chapter 3 Lesson 2 (Chinese-English)

By heidicytan
12 terms by heidicytan

A Poison Tree - Stanza 3 words (English-Chinese)

By kwonshir
9 terms by kwonshir

Chinese 3 Radicals with pinyin and english

By Spencer_Campbell4
40 terms by Spencer_Campbell4

MFCR L3&5 Sentences (Chinese-English)

By MssarahpengTEACHER
17 terms by MssarahpengTEACHER

Chinese Fruits, Pinyin and English

By Caroline_J_FranceTEACHER
47 terms by Caroline_J_FranceTEACHER

wyu_Colors (Chinese/English)

By quizlette657380
14 terms by quizlette657380

Chinese 3032 - Levels 1, 2, & 3 - English

By AConfoundedKoala
16 terms by AConfoundedKoala

Chinese Vocab 3.1 Pinyin & English

By chloharris
36 terms by chloharris

Chinese 3032 - Levels 1, 2, & 3 - English

By AConfoundedKoala
21 terms by AConfoundedKoala

U3 Chinese {(1-17)Pinyin-English}

By supersparkle29
17 terms by supersparkle29

Easy Chinese 6 L3 Pinyin-English

By cypressl
18 terms by cypressl

Zhenbang 3 Unit 4A English to Chinese Summary Set 1

By wangtiantianlaoshi
33 terms by wangtiantianlaoshi

chinese lesson 3 part 2 english

By loganbaldwin
15 terms by loganbaldwin

Topic 3 Classroom Chinese

30 terms by Ai-ShiTEACHER

Colors and Shapes - Chinese to English

By alanabbrown
27 terms by alanabbrown

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

By camberwell-high
17 terms by camberwell-high

Chinese 3 -3.3

By rebecca_baucum
18 terms by rebecca_baucum

Chinese-Clothes English- Pinyin

By fantasticGaolaoshi1
29 terms by fantasticGaolaoshi1

Discovering Chinese V3 L28 Characters/English

20 terms by li_qTEACHER

Rutgers - Chinese 101 KF3 - Pinyin <> English

By regan_clarke
29 terms by regan_clarke

English - Chinese

By mwilson300
10 terms by mwilson300

Discovering Chinese V3 L28 Characters/English and pinyin

20 terms by li_qTEACHER

Pets (Chinese to English)

14 terms by YAYING8

Lesson 3 Integrated Chinese (English-Character)

By carolinemlu
29 terms by carolinemlu

Chinese Food--English Names

31 terms by Bo_HuotTEACHER

Body Parts (Chinese to English)

13 terms by VMS-MandarinTEACHER

Chinese 3 Page 2 lesson one english

By jason200996
20 terms by jason200996

Make up quiz Chinese to English 5-3

By quizlette155114
15 terms by quizlette155114

Buildings 1 in Chinese & English

By leopoldelTEACHER
10 terms by leopoldelTEACHER