Basic Japanese 3

By bigparr43
33 terms by bigparr43

Japanese basic 3 (Romaji)

By reveohw
30 terms by reveohw

Basic Japanese Vocab 3

By Wheated
14 terms by Wheated

Basic Japanese Vocab 3

14 terms by MGOM

Japanese basic 3 (ひらがな)

By reveohw
30 terms by reveohw

Basic conversational Japanese 3

16 terms by SOPHIA_GAROUTTE8

Basic Japanese Verbs and Nouns 3

By jenngalla
11 terms by jenngalla

Basic Japanese 3

By Ilona_Plasse
8 terms by Ilona_Plasse

Japanese Basic Phrases #3

By infj0609
10 terms by infj0609

Japanese Basic Hiragana Words 3

By Habijean
26 terms by Habijean

Japanese- Set 3 Basic

By Davidnh
29 terms by Davidnh


By Nomind_Lin
27 terms by Nomind_Lin

Japanese Basics 3

By Tanner_Williams62
14 terms by Tanner_Williams62

Basic Japanese Adjectives

By rubidiummTEACHER
18 terms by rubidiummTEACHER

Japanese Booklet 3 - Basic Verbs

By ssophiepperkins
16 terms by ssophiepperkins

Basic Japanese Adjectives

By Chiu1867TEACHER
18 terms by Chiu1867TEACHER

Basic Japanese Hiragana Part 3

By thinkeleven
10 terms by thinkeleven

Japanese greetings and basic introduction

16 terms by GBHSBeateTEACHER

Basic Japanese

By zgan
21 terms by zgan

Basic Japanese Adjectives

By MmeMount
18 terms by MmeMount

Basic Japanese L3 vocab

By Mae_Dewhurst
54 terms by Mae_Dewhurst

Basic Japanese Verbs Part 3

By MaraNeko
50 terms by MaraNeko

Basic Japanese Kanji CH 3

By cmaguire37
43 terms by cmaguire37

Basic Japanese Colours (Hiragana)

By tomisenseiTEACHER
13 terms by tomisenseiTEACHER

Japanese greetings and basic introduction

By Ros_McAuliffe
16 terms by Ros_McAuliffe

Basic Japanese Conversation

By mrrichardTEACHER
10 terms by mrrichardTEACHER

Basic Japanese

By Ellie_Celeste
13 terms by Ellie_Celeste

Basic Japanese

By d21stewart
24 terms by d21stewart

Japanese Hiragana Basic

By MFLLearning
46 terms by MFLLearning

Japanese Basic Verbs

By keikoi
14 terms by keikoi

Basic Japanese

By Mindinow
102 terms by Mindinow

DuoLingo Japanese Basics Lessons 1-3

By LimeGreenTeknii
18 terms by LimeGreenTeknii

Basic Japanese Hiragana Parts 1-3

By thinkeleven
30 terms by thinkeleven

Basic Japanese Nouns

By relrel00TEACHER
44 terms by relrel00TEACHER

Basic Japanese

By WarriorCatOfPhyrria3
11 terms by WarriorCatOfPhyrria3

Basic Japanese

By Sky_Chen3
40 terms by Sky_Chen3

Basic Japanese

By Sekiryuutei
27 terms by Sekiryuutei

Basic Japanese

By rleisten01
10 terms by rleisten01

Basic japanese

By eggbeeter
27 terms by eggbeeter

Basic japanese

By fiona_stewart7
125 terms by fiona_stewart7

Basic Japanese

By MegDelfin
21 terms by MegDelfin

Japanese Basics

By EmyW
117 terms by EmyW

Japanese- basic

By summerhi
25 terms by summerhi

Japanese Basic

By KingAlexFromVIetnam
9 terms by KingAlexFromVIetnam

Japanese greetings and basic introduction

By Mitsue_CampbellTEACHER
16 terms by Mitsue_CampbellTEACHER

Basic Japanese

By anideanotaband
22 terms by anideanotaband

基本動作2: Basic Japanese Verbs 2

By rubidiummTEACHER
20 terms by rubidiummTEACHER

Basic Japanese Particles

By Kruysmulder
14 terms by Kruysmulder

Basic Japanese Verbs (with romaji)

By reimandTEACHER
35 terms by reimandTEACHER

basic japanese

By NicoleRocks4
100 terms by NicoleRocks4