Int 4 Verbs Irregular (CARDS)

40 terms By George110765 TEACHER

Irregular Verbs French 1

71 terms By astefanik1 TEACHER

Preiss French - Irregular verbs

66 terms By PreissShraga TEACHER

French Irregular Verb Past Participles

20 terms By alisonjphillips TEACHER

French Irregular Verb Conjugations

225 terms By DivineEquine TEACHER

U5 French Irregular Verbs - Courir

8 terms By abosch TEACHER

U3 French Irregular Verbs - Boire

8 terms By abosch TEACHER

main irregular verbs french

38 terms By nicolas_lapoujade TEACHER

Fr2 U2 French Irregular Verbs - Voir

8 terms By abosch TEACHER

French - Irregular & Reflexive Verbs

42 terms By budiona TEACHER

Ch 4 Verbs: Irregular

17 terms By SenoraLong_MTHS TEACHER

French irregular verbs present tense

46 terms By mrspalac TEACHER

French irregular subjunctive verbs

29 terms By jcritchley TEACHER

French Irregular Verbs

81 terms By kldvl

Ch 4 Verb conjugation of yo-irregulars

50 terms By luperith TEACHER

4 Basic French Irregular Verbs

40 terms By Abigail_Butel

Four key irregular verbs-French FKIVF

35 terms By alevelfrench TEACHER

E irregular verbs French definitions

108 terms By kuzmarta TEACHER

French irregular verbs - End of year 8

50 terms By senordunn TEACHER

French Irregular Passe Compose verbs

29 terms By meifangchan

French Irregular Verbs

35 terms By enrflashcards

French Irregular verbs ir ending

30 terms By robertberrios TEACHER

French Irregular present tense verbs practice

28 terms By actuohy TEACHER

Unité 4: Verbs irregular -RE conjugations

78 terms By kimplamondon TEACHER

FRENCH IRREGULAR VERBS 19-32 1001 points

14 terms By misansagay

French: irregular verbs 4

30 terms By Maria_Litovchenko

Salzman - regular and irregular verbs - French II

33 terms By katysalzman TEACHER

French Irregular Verbs

90 terms By oresamanoawesome01

French: Irregular Past Participles

70 terms By hmRawsthorne

French Irregular verb Test

26 terms By Lake_2017

French Irregular verbs to memorise

27 terms By nathaliemcdermott TEACHER

Irregular French 4 Verbs

77 terms By snowybutterfly