9th grade Literature EOCT literary language

By JungleMonkey544
10 terms by JungleMonkey544

9th Grade English/Language

By Taylor_Kruse9
17 terms by Taylor_Kruse9

9th Grade English/ Language Arts

By TheJessica_Dickinson
8 terms by TheJessica_Dickinson

English Language Arts 9th Grade

By kfurtado7
17 terms by kfurtado7

9th Grade English/Language Arts

By Shan_Zhou
33 terms by Shan_Zhou

learn and refresh (9th grade english/language arts)

By Taylor_Dahm
16 terms by Taylor_Dahm

Aspects Of Language 9th Grade English CAG

By joshhalterman1
10 terms by joshhalterman1

English 9th grade Language Arts review sheet

By savanna_katter
11 terms by savanna_katter


By Rahrae
54 terms by Rahrae

EOCT Review 9th Literature

By Trcy
99 terms by Trcy

9th grade figurative language (Core)

By Kaelynn_Nelson
10 terms by Kaelynn_Nelson

9th Grade 2nd Semester Vocabulary Test

72 terms by pcal7TEACHER

9th LA EOCT - Domain 1

76 terms by BHS9thLA

9th Grade Vocabulary 1st Semester Test

60 terms by pcal7TEACHER

9th Grade English: Midterm Exam Review Session Study Notes

By staceystafford
26 terms by staceystafford

Top 100 AP Language terms

By sdeckelmann
99 terms by sdeckelmann

American Literature EOCT review

By hjdills
32 terms by hjdills

9th Grade English January 21 Vocabulary

By givewestvaught
19 terms by givewestvaught

Figurative Language 1 for 9th

By rachelthompson
11 terms by rachelthompson

9th Grade EOCT Vocabulary Cards

By Drone6o3
24 terms by Drone6o3

Q1: Poetry & Figurative Language Terms (with pictures)

By jonchappellnow
60 terms by jonchappellnow

9th Grade Vocabulary Week 2

By raymondjelusTEACHER
17 terms by raymondjelusTEACHER

Language Arts Terms

By Jennifer_Cox3TEACHER
42 terms by Jennifer_Cox3TEACHER

9th grade poetry terms

By Lori_Hardman4
33 terms by Lori_Hardman4

9th Grade Literature-Set One

By E_DuRant
11 terms by E_DuRant

9th- Set 6

By EastsideEnglish
10 terms by EastsideEnglish

9th Grade Literary Terms

By dooleywooley
31 terms by dooleywooley

EOCT 9th grade Lit & Comp

By Peyton_Flory
68 terms by Peyton_Flory

9th Grade English January 7 Vocabulary

By givewestvaught
20 terms by givewestvaught

Of Mice and Men Vocabulary: Sections 1 & 2 - 9th Grade

By dori828
21 terms by dori828

9th grade literature eoct terms to know (EXTRA CREDIT)

By mdixon5TEACHER
17 terms by mdixon5TEACHER

ELA Figurative Language Part 1

By eapuente7
10 terms by eapuente7

9th Grade English Poetry Terms part 1

By thegreeley
17 terms by thegreeley

CMS Grade 7 English Poetry Terms

By hlippeyTEACHER
22 terms by hlippeyTEACHER

9th Grade Spelling Challenge List 12 - Words from Old English

By tsullivannsa
10 terms by tsullivannsa

9th Grade Figurative Language

By Ashley_Cooper92
22 terms by Ashley_Cooper92

9th Grade English Unit 1 Academic Vocab

By Katinacook
50 terms by Katinacook

Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Vocabulary

By amy_nicholsonTEACHER
10 terms by amy_nicholsonTEACHER

9th grade literature EOCT study guide

By hunter1234567
60 terms by hunter1234567

Unit 11 - Vocab Workshop Level D CHS 9th grade

By ebamfordTEACHER
20 terms by ebamfordTEACHER

Vocabulary Lesson 13 (RF 9th grade English)

By testtaker61
15 terms by testtaker61

9th Grade SAT words

By Rebecca722
50 terms by Rebecca722

Ninth Grade English Terms, Thompson High School

By Crystal_Lamar6
89 terms by Crystal_Lamar6

9th Grade Vocabulary Lesson 2

By Jennifer_Borer
10 terms by Jennifer_Borer

9th Grade Vocabulary Week 1

By raymondjelusTEACHER
15 terms by raymondjelusTEACHER

Literary Elements: The Odyssey Figurative Language

By Karen_Lennan
13 terms by Karen_Lennan

Blast: Empathy

By osipkaTEACHER
8 terms by osipkaTEACHER

9th Grade Vocabulary Lesson 1

By Jennifer_Borer
10 terms by Jennifer_Borer