Origin, Insertion, & Action (Shoulder Joint & Girdle)

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Muscle Actions: Shoulder Joint

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Muscles and actions of the shoulder joint

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The Shoulder Joint and Shoulder Girdle

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Muscles Shoulder Girdle/Shoulder Joint - origin/insertion/action

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Movement of the Shoulder Joint: origin, insertion, action

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Glenohumeral (shoulder) Joint, Elbow, Wrist-MORRIS

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shoulder joint actions

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Kinesiology - Ch 8 & 9 - Shoulder Girdle, Shoulder Joint

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shoulder joint

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Shoulder Joint Muscle Action

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AK T3 Pt 9 Shoulder Joint Muscles - Actions

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Muscles of the Shoulder Joint

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Shoulder Joint Muscles

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Shoulder Joint Scapular Mm

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shoulder joint muscles: origin/insertion/action

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Shoulder joint actions to shoulder girdle actions

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HPR 301 Shoulder Joint Muscles (Origin/Insertion/Action)

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Shoulder Joint Muscles: Origin, Insertion, Action

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Shoulder Girdle and Shoulder Joint

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Actions of the Shoulder Joint

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Shoulder Joint Actions

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Shoulder Joint Muscles and actions

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Chp. 11 Shoulder Joint

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Actions- Shoulder complex (scapulothoracic joint)

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Shoulder Joint

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action at shoulder joint

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Shoulder Joint- OIAI

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Muscles acting on the shoulder girdle and the shoulder joint

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Shoulder Girdle and Shoulder Joint

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Shoulder Girdle and Shoulder Joint

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shoulder joint

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Kinesiology Chapter 10 Shoulder Joint

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Shoulder Girdle and Shoulder Joint

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Shoulder Joint

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Shoulder joint Muscle actions

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Actions for Shoulder Joint

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shoulder joint/girdle

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Shoulder Joint Muscle Action

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Shoulder Girdle and Shoulder Joint

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Scapula/Shoulder Joint Action

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Actions at the Shoulder Joint

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Shoulder Joint Insert and Orgin and action

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Shoulder Joint/Shoulder Girdle (chapter 9 and 10)

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Muscle List: Crossing Shoulder Joint - Bio 4 Anatomy Lab Exam 2

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Shoulder Joint and Shoulder Girdle

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BIO 141 Shoulder Joint

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Muscles that move the arm (at the shoulder joint)

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(Pectoral Girdle) (Crossing the Shoulder Joint) Muscle Identifiers

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Muscles with action at shoulder joint

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