Acupuncture Command Point Names - Leg

By hugjen
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Energetics II - Command Points

By hannyalynn
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Luo and Xi Command Points

By jwochi
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Command Points

By Dutchpdx
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Triple Energizer Meridian Command Points and Exit Point - MUIH

By isabelle_davidowitz
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Command Point for Test 1

By mgallagher1234
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Spleen Command Points 1-9

By isabelle_davidowitz
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Small Intestine Command Points - MUIH

By isabelle_davidowitz
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Liver Command Points - MUIH 1 - 8

By isabelle_davidowitz
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Bladder Command points #53-67 MUIH

By isabelle_davidowitz
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Command Points for clinic 3 exam

By Mayavi
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Kidney Command points- K1-10 MUIH

By isabelle_davidowitz
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Acupuncture Point Names/functions - Lower Arm

By hugjen
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Command Points

By lauratho
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command points

By bwalter3rd
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Midterm: Lung, Pericardium and Heart Command Points - MUIH

By isabelle_davidowitz
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points to know of the command points

By amandakarg
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Lung Meridian - Command point areas

By Shellie_Porter3
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Command Points

By dabeenchi
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Function Key & Command Point Commands

By Debslearntopass
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Command Points

By CascadingOrchid
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4 Command Points

By jemanuelusa
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Command Points

By ivykwang
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Gao Wu Command Points

By tjmort
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All Command Points -- Name ID

By ashupuncture
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Pericardium Meridian - Command Point areas

By Shellie_Porter3
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Triple Energizer Meridian Command Points and Exit Point

By Lady_Circe
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Command Points

By hannah_tmitchell
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Command Point Names

By brotherbug
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Command point Commands

By Niki_Bean
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Command Point areas for all meridians

By Shellie_Porter3
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Command Point Names - Arm

By hugjen
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command points

By pzaley
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French Commands- Pointing out and manipulating objects

By mcarreTEACHER
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Command Points

By andrea_wilson2
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Command Points

By Dr4otto
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Kidney Command Points

By Heidi_Hampton
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Command Point names/functions leg

By hugjen
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TX - Empirical/Command Points - CS Notes

By gegenradix
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Command Points & Influential Points

By Jeseniaalix
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Colon Command Points

By Heidi_Hampton
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General Command Points

By Heidi_Hampton
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Triple Heater Command Points

By Heidi_Hampton
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By prisha91755
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Pericardium Command Points

By Heidi_Hampton
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