Adjectifs etc.

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Adjectif etc.

By Tiecki
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Adjectifs possessifs etc.

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les adjectifs (ancien, grand, etc.)

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French-adjectifs, etc.

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Adjectif etc. 2

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Kapitel 5 adjectifs, adverbes, etc

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Chapitre 2 - verbes, adjectifs, etc.

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Les adjectifs possessifs.(MON, TON, SON etc...)

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Les adjectifs possessifs.(MON, TON, SON etc...)

By MlleMorrisonTEACHER
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Place et accord des adjectifs -BAGS ETC

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Adjectifs Possessifs (mon, ton, son, etc.)

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Combo with "DM Ch. 6 - Adjectifs etc." and 4 others

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Leçon 2 et 3 - ADJECTIFS ETC

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Le Quiz de Adjectifs (BAGS, mas/fem, s/p, etc.)

By kylie_brumm
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DM Ch. 6 - Les fêtes et les traditions

By lhebertTEACHER
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Superiority words etc

By julia_ambros
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SAC Amis9 2adjectifs etc

By CaillardTEACHER
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L'accord des Couleurs - Toutes les couleurs

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Adjectifs chapter 4

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Descriptive Adjectives English / French with Images

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Ser ou Estar

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La position des adjectifs

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La position des adjectifs

By camelotcurtis
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Quizlet 1: French Personality Adjectives w/ IMAGES

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By sophie_hlle
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BAGS adjectives

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Le féminin des nom et des adjectifs 2

By Aymanb321
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Les Mots en n devient m devant b et p

By Medjinejoachim
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French ETC - Mot du Jour 2015 Q4

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le fémin des noms et adjectifs

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French adjectives - List

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Français 10 Final

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Glossaire du syntaxe

By SnakeyB
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Grammar terms

By kitty_woodham
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Comment présenter une photo F1 /2

By clauzet
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Fonction des mots

By jtarka
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vocab de l'alimentation

By Valerie_Hammer
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Nature et Fonction

By grace_haeli
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French grammar terms 420

By cddolan1
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Imaginez - Leçon 6

By mmedjones
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Terminologie Grammaticale

By Clodagh_Finane
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Unit 3 Common words used in class

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Graphies du son O

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Graphie du son ( o , au , eau )

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Mot en GE

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French 230- Midterm

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Comment présenter une photo

By Ahmed1999
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