Descubre 1 Chapter 3 - Adjectives and verbs

74 terms By ProfeSlack Teacher

Klamotten kaufen: Adjectives and verbs

37 terms By KFachinLucas Teacher

J2 Adjectives and Verbs

68 terms By Colpan Teacher

L13 Adjectives and Verbs

16 terms By nobuko_chandler

"Adjective and Verb Opposites" Target Vocabulary - Intermediate

20 terms By KIFL Teacher

L14 Adjectives and Verbs

10 terms By nobuko_chandler

Spanish Two Para Empezar Adjectives and Verbs

55 terms By kellymcavoy

B2 Adjectives formed from nouns, adjectives and verbs (Set 2)

16 terms By ppreen Teacher

VCE Health and Sickness 2: Adjectives and Verbs

36 terms By starofthesea

Adjectives and Verbs

14 terms By KEWCOM Teacher

S1 Clothing Adjectives and Verbs

24 terms By bstinnett00 Teacher

Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, and Verbs Practice

50 terms By Jamie_McLarty

adjective and verb prefixes corresponding to noun classes 1-10

31 terms By mewaller

German Adjectives and Verbs on Clothing

15 terms By Chewed_Bubblegum

Spanish quiz (adjectives and verbs)

19 terms By jacqueen15

L16 Adjectives and Verbs

22 terms By nobuko_chandler

B2 Adjectives formed from nouns, adjectives and verbs (Set 1)

14 terms By ppreen Teacher

Ch. 8 Adjectives and Verbs

28 terms By Kevin_Britton

L16 adjectives and verbs

22 terms By CDKowall

Dative Adjectives and Verbs

38 terms By uglyface

unit 2 familia and amigos (adjectives and verbs)

34 terms By ariccio303

Genki 1 lesson 10 adjectives and verbs

12 terms By kyodiru

L15 Adjectives and Verbs

17 terms By nobuko_chandler

Golosa Book 1 Chapter 8 Vocabulary: Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs

68 terms By Chiblood

adjectives and verbs

14 terms By Ha_Thai5

chapter 9:adjectives and verbs

19 terms By snoll1 Teacher

Spanish prepositions, possessive adjectives and verbs

41 terms By sabrinalee97

Latin 1 mid term nouns, adjectives and verbs and verbs

110 terms By jprend357

LEAF L2 RV Chapter 4 Verbs, Adjectives and Verbs

12 terms By Jason_Toole Teacher

Genki II L.13: Adjectives and Verbs

15 terms By QuatreHiead

German I Adjectives and Verbs

82 terms By seevans

Challenge Spanish Adjectives and Verbs

32 terms By Jenntwin

Genki II L.15: Adjectives and Verbs

16 terms By QuatreHiead

Lesson 8 Adjectives and Verbs

18 terms By tenouh

Classes adjective and verbs

32 terms By gemorris20

developing activities with adjective and verbs

8 terms By tavitajaramillo

Injusticias Adjectives And Verbs

34 terms By sabbott1

T2dh's Japanese Adjectives (and verbs expressing feelings)

29 terms By Talk2dahands

Adjective and Verb "Ser" Quiz

43 terms By Sydney_Bernard01

Unit 12 Adjectives and Verbs

42 terms By Grace_Elisco

PET Unit 2 (Adjectives and Verbs)

23 terms By George110765 Teacher

Genki Chapter 17 Adjectives and Verbs

21 terms By EvelynFuentes

Adjectives and Verbs p. 108

30 terms By Adriana_Doria

Spanish adjectives and verbs

44 terms By jakedan8

Vocabulary List 6 Opposites of Adjectives and Verbs

40 terms By MrsZysset

Adjectives and verbs (level 1)

10 terms By FairfaxTeacher1

Adjectives and Verbs I

26 terms By Jack_Haefner

Spanish adjectives and verbs

77 terms By sweetpeasmom411

adjectives and verbs

77 terms By cyncyn_iscule

Kapital 2 - Adjectives and Verbs

95 terms By hinklemk