Unit 11: Adjectives & expressions

11 terms By Mori-Sensei TEACHER

Adjectives Expressing Feelings (ed &ing)

26 terms By michaeljsw TEACHER

Shopping: Verbs, Adjectives, Expressions (1A)

50 terms By Keri_Laux TEACHER

ILLC V1 Adjective/ expression (TPRS)

42 terms By enderchoo TEACHER

Family - Adjectives, Expressions (1A)

18 terms By Keri_Laux TEACHER

La casa - nouns/adjectives/expressions

26 terms By ablazincic TEACHER

ILLC V2 Adjectives & Expression TPRS

24 terms By enderchoo TEACHER

Echo 3.1 Adjectives expressing opinions

17 terms By Gunda_Walendy TEACHER

adjective express emotion use ESTAR


7 - Adjective expressions with "DE" (Level 1)

10 terms By TLFlores TEACHER

-ed adjectives expressing feelings

10 terms By MValero

-ing adjectives expressing feelings

10 terms By Mrsmadero

-ing adjectives expressing feelings

10 terms By Lucia788

-ed Adjectives expressing feelings

10 terms By gabriela1988

-ed adjectives expressing feelings

4 terms By martaotero

SOL PRADO 016 - Chapter 4 (p. 44) Adjectives, Expressions

20 terms By speakourlanguage TEACHER

Adjectives + Expressions

41 terms By thanhl_


79 terms By noah_kirkland28


37 terms By Estherrr_123


35 terms By hgo0dy

Family Verbs, Adjectives, Expressions

36 terms By BRatnayake


30 terms By MazenoF

Comparison of adjectives expressions

50 terms By prahersonja

School nouns, adjectives, expressions

36 terms By Hannah_Castner

adjectives, expressions, verbs

42 terms By mfrazee12

Adjectives/Expressions w/ Etre

56 terms By dance3333

Adjectives / Expressions / Other

52 terms By BenKindlen

Verbs, Adjectives, Expressions- Derrick

38 terms By Rukia24shinigami

Crespo Adjectives/Expressions

43 terms By sothea_nou