Nouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositions

50 terms By LoganColby Teacher

Adv 6 Verb Adjective Preposition (CARDS)

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C2 Nouns, Adjectives + Prepositions

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The Weather - Noun, Verb or Adjective?

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Verb / adjective + preposition combinations

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Noun, Verb or Adjective?

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Verbs/adjectives + prepositions

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White Fang - Noun/Verb/Adjective

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Verb / Adjective + Preposition

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Verbs, nouns or adjectives + prepositions

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Verb or Adjective + Preposition

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Capítulo 7: Nouns, verbs and adjectives only

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Verb/Adjective +Preposition

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File 3 - Verbs/Adjectives + prepositions

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Das Wetter - noun, verb or adjective

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Noun-Verb and Auxiliary Verb Pairs

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All in the family: nouns, verbs & adjectives

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59 terms By joewagstaff

Verbs and adjectives + preposition

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GRAMMAR: BE + noun, adjective, prepositional phrase

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verb/noun/adjective + preposition

152 terms By maciej_bykowski4

Introduction Nouns, Verbs and Prepositions

6 terms By Regina_Montgomery