By shawnrr22
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AFFA prep

By odessa81
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Affa terms

By savannamchaney
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AFFA Certification

By Brooklyn444
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AFFA test

By shells302015
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AFFA Certification Chapter 4

By leilers
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AFFA Chapter 7

By misschevi
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Affa 5th edition

By romacarter
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AFFA Joint/Bones

By SrtaMarckoon1
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Practice Test - AFFA

By Millmanj14
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AFFA muscle movement

By shells302015
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Practice Test - AFFA

By kelsie_ives4
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AFFA CHAPTER 1 Study guide

By David_Lipson44
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Practice Test - AFFA

By savannah_marie156
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AFFA Certification Chapter 3 Review

By dunia_goncalves
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AFFA Certification Chapter 4 Review

By dunia_goncalves
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Affa Primary Group Exercise Cert

By jessica_fischer7
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AFFA - FIT at a glance

By chloevans
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AFFA- study guide 17,19,20,and 21

By shawnrr22
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AFFA PT Chp 2 - Ex Physiology

By ElizabethLogan
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AFFA PT Chp 1- understanding wellness

By ElizabethLogan
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AFFA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification v4 Test

By christopher_hassel
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Practical for AFAA

By Leaper322
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ch.2 AFAA Personal Trainer

By gatorgrly78
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Actual AFAA test

By taublisa
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Lesson 4 Rise Of The "Outlaw" Motorcyclist

By TheWickedAcademic
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The Book Thief(by Markus Zusak)

By sunplace
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Circulatory System

By zakemscienceTEACHER
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Dothraki Animal Commands

By Rihays
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By OgoN
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EFTI - Anatomy & Kinesiology (Pictures & Terms)

By Saunwill
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AFAA Personal Trainer Certification Study Guide

By Starstamp
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AFAA Chapter 6 Cardio Respiratory System Part 2

By forestkl
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By Crystal_Malone
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By erudite_slytherin
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AFAA PT Ch. 4 Health Screening

By jayd_lewis
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AFAA Primary Group Exercise Practice Test

By KrisyRose
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By lyz_wolf
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Dothraki Friendly Expressions

By quizlette340794
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AFAA PT Ch. 5 Fitness Assessment

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AFAA PT Ch. 6 Cardio Programming

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AFAA Primary Group Exercise Practice Test

By ShirleyGirl21
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By nab001
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AFAA group practical

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ACSM CPT Anatomy, Kinesiology, BioMechanics, Physiology

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ESC215 Test #2

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cclhs review 2

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EF Vocab #2 stress marks

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Dothraki Experssions

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