Alimentation Saine: Phrases

By Alison_DupeeTEACHER
10 terms by Alison_DupeeTEACHER

10e - 04 Words and phrases

39 terms by EIM-CollinesTEACHER

Dictée phrases #4 - le vendredi 13 mai

By Annick_Gaillard
33 terms by Annick_Gaillard

Vocabulaire: Classe de Monsieur Leblond, Page 1

By Daniel_LeblondTEACHER
46 terms by Daniel_LeblondTEACHER

Circumlocution Phrases (French)

By teraob
40 terms by teraob

La nourriture/food Key phrases 1

By mrlophanorTEACHER
12 terms by mrlophanorTEACHER

La santé - useful phrases

By MlleNelson
21 terms by MlleNelson

Fr 2: Ch 6: Mots 1 et Mots 2 phrases

By shereesingsTEACHER
12 terms by shereesingsTEACHER

Vocabulaire: Classe de Monsieur Leblond, Page 1, Version Danika

By danikall1526
46 terms by danikall1526

SE liste 6 année Monsieur Leblond 323 page 1 Jasmine

By jasmine_lussier
46 terms by jasmine_lussier

Circumlocution Phrases (French)

By MadameGBHS
41 terms by MadameGBHS

FCSE French Unit 6 - Future Tense Phrases

By aplaquetTEACHER
15 terms by aplaquetTEACHER

Leçon 1 Complétez les phrases au présent

By robertovailattiTEACHER
15 terms by robertovailattiTEACHER

Phrases 1000-1

By quizlette499431
199 terms by quizlette499431

Very useful French essay phrases

By natattack46
20 terms by natattack46

Romanian Phrases

By Oliver_Wells
85 terms by Oliver_Wells

Phrases de jour

By hanka_walowa
44 terms by hanka_walowa

French Phrases

By SophiaMTK
32 terms by SophiaMTK

Phrases to revise healthy lifestyle Y9

By Frenchstmarys
19 terms by Frenchstmarys

French terms (food) and phrases

By shaine18
52 terms by shaine18

Verbes differents

By Barbara_Kopertowska
15 terms by Barbara_Kopertowska

Ev7 standard, U08, 04 dans un grand magasin, mots divers - phrases

By michele_scheuberTEACHER
18 terms by michele_scheuberTEACHER

Circumlocution Phrases (French)

By EmmaMartino
41 terms by EmmaMartino

Circumlocution Phrases (French)

By quizlette696698
41 terms by quizlette696698

Circumlocution Phrases (French)

By ggrewal2016
41 terms by ggrewal2016

Amazing vocal and phrases

By jack_mather
40 terms by jack_mather

French phrases

By smarklew
65 terms by smarklew

French phrases

By dannixuu
27 terms by dannixuu

Circumlocution Phrases (French)

By amireault
41 terms by amireault

Circumlocution Phrases (French)

By sarah_schaefer9
41 terms by sarah_schaefer9

CO3T-Fra9CONII-voc-semaine 19

By bernygaillard
20 terms by bernygaillard

Manger équilibré: Vocab and phrases

By jjash
63 terms by jjash

Manger Équilibré - Phrases Complètes

By oideamy
23 terms by oideamy

French Health Phrases

By naomiberger
38 terms by naomiberger

la santé phrases

By Cherry314
17 terms by Cherry314

Lafontaine phrases

By vegaleo
24 terms by vegaleo


By Dandini_Nina
53 terms by Dandini_Nina

part 2

By Dandini_Nina
57 terms by Dandini_Nina

Etymology Collection 7

By Bella_Wood_
23 terms by Bella_Wood_

French Obesity vocab and phrases

By jonsunmc5
19 terms by jonsunmc5


By bella-thomas
16 terms by bella-thomas

601 vocab review up to lesson 5

By jdmiks18
15 terms by jdmiks18

Vocab 2

By cieramoreno
15 terms by cieramoreno

Francaise les phrases Unité 5

By luwester
17 terms by luwester

Phrases voc 11-15 (all)

By Samuel2011
20 terms by Samuel2011

CO3T-Fra9CONII-voc-semaine 6

By bernygaillard
19 terms by bernygaillard

La Santé - manger sainement (eating healthily - posh bits!)

By Madame_EcclesTEACHER
21 terms by Madame_EcclesTEACHER