American Literature

By gchsacademicsTEACHER
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American Literature Overview

By Lyn_BigelowTEACHER
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American Literature Unit II Content Vocabulary

By jherston1029TEACHER
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Unit III Content Vocabulary-American Literature

By jherston1029TEACHER
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American Literature

By branch9022
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Holt Literature -The All-American Slurp

By LCKnowles
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Figurative Language

By lvgrecoTEACHER
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8th Grade Week 3: Language Arts 1 (Literary Analysis 1)

By eslstudycardsTEACHER
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Figurative Language

By SpiveyDavis
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Figurative Language

By Myraida_SantanaTEACHER
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American Literature EOC Terms

By tcverrett
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Figurative Language

By Donna_DuttonTEACHER
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AHS American Literature-Final

By Maestro622
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Vocabulary for "from An American Childhood"

By Kerry_Thomas1
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American Literature and Composition Unit 6 vocabulary

By burrosTEACHER
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AP Language & American Literature Terms

By maggieknox
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Fall Junior Language Arts Review

By robin_eckman
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American Literature Plot Summaries

By Laura_Guidry
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MTEL General Curriculum: American Literature

By John_Morse108TEACHER
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Figurative Language

By EvisPresleyGaming
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Junior English Vocabulary for American Lit./Native American Mythology

By mrlewisbelgradeTEACHER
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American Literature Vocabulary List 1

By Kristi_Tanner
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Root, Prefixes, and Suffixes, Set 1

By Mary_Green53TEACHER
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Lit Terms --Into the Wild

By MrsSantonastaso
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American Literature and Composition

By MakaylaGiles0314
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Praxis II Language Arts - Authors and works

By mattlukemom
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Abeka English - 11th Grade: American Literature Test 3 (Nine Weeks Exam)

By sherwinproTEACHER
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American Lit/Comp Set #11

By anderson3125
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Language Arts Lesson 54 World Literature

By hannahkunstman
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Logical Fallacies

By Shannon_VessellTEACHER
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Praxis 5038 English Lang. Literature, Novels/Authors

162 terms by Mrs_PoTEACHER

RCS American Lit Semester Exam

By randy_moore76
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The Great Gatsby symbolism

By mrspullenTEACHER
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American Journey - Chapter 20 - Toward an Urban America - Glossary

By sydespinueva
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Unit 7 - The Museum

By caceres_l
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American Literature Vocabulary List 7

By Kristi_Tanner
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American Literature CLEP #4

By branch9022
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Major Works in American Literature

By chocolate1218
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The Sign of the Beaver Chapters 10,11,12

10 terms by JResciaTEACHER

Lang Arts: RL 8.2 and RL 8.6 Literature Vocabulary

By teacherzpet65
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American Lit/Comp

By anderson3125
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NC General Curriculum: Language Arts 1

By dlteam
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Literature Terms List 7

By kcurletti
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American Literature CLEP #4

By lew1793
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Holt Literature, The Bracelet

By LCKnowles
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The Call of the Wild Study Guide

44 terms by VikinbTEACHER

Call of the Wild ch 4 and 5

By gilbert-newtonjTEACHER
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