make up English words

By Enyue_Li
21 terms by Enyue_Li

2 English Across the Curriculum

By pavla_dobrovolna4
28 terms by pavla_dobrovolna4

Project 2 unit 2 English across the curriculum

By Manfredo22TEACHER
21 terms by Manfredo22TEACHER


By kristiane_fernandez
38 terms by kristiane_fernandez

English Vocabulary Unit 15

By covercash38
10 terms by covercash38

English vers, vert

By averyobrien
10 terms by averyobrien

Project2 U2 English across the curriculum

By timea_balogh
33 terms by timea_balogh

English 7-8, General Vocabulary I (abstemious-coerce)

By jskoves
46 terms by jskoves

Animal Classification

By Mike_BeutnerTEACHER
12 terms by Mike_BeutnerTEACHER

Amphibians Quiz / Wednesday

By palomamartinez2019
17 terms by palomamartinez2019

English Plus 1: Unit 4

By lukyholik
22 terms by lukyholik

Oxford English Pages 94 and 96

By zotta1
15 terms by zotta1

EiM 9e - Unit 1 : Free time : °°° Biology

By MorganePereira
10 terms by MorganePereira


By dslong8
16 terms by dslong8

NSHS Grade 12 Quarter 1

By yodernl
13 terms by yodernl

Science - Animals

By desireerl
18 terms by desireerl

1.3. Nature - reptiles, amphibians and fishes

By Agnieszka_29
24 terms by Agnieszka_29

FOS Animal Kingdom English

By sara-kellogg
15 terms by sara-kellogg

Project 2 2 English across the curriculum

By eva_svobodovaTEACHER
21 terms by eva_svobodovaTEACHER

Animal Classification 1

By dventuri
24 terms by dventuri

English Set 4

By Rileydancer_7
20 terms by Rileydancer_7

ph words

By missmarpleiamTEACHER
28 terms by missmarpleiamTEACHER

Greek Lesson 1AX

By DTHSCards
9 terms by DTHSCards

P5 Term 3 Comprehensive Vocabulary List

By AngloEnglish1TEACHER
160 terms by AngloEnglish1TEACHER

Spellings Year9 101-110

By dplowright710
10 terms by dplowright710

English in Mind 9e - Unit 1 (Part 5)

By PBourgeois
10 terms by PBourgeois

spelling word #16 ENGLISH

By gabilulu10
19 terms by gabilulu10

Vocabulary 1 (ESOL) for Anner

By AlmccookTEACHER
23 terms by AlmccookTEACHER

All About Animals

By tiendcicthn3016
11 terms by tiendcicthn3016

Project 2 2 English across the curriculum + project

By tereza_bremovaTEACHER
24 terms by tereza_bremovaTEACHER

English Set 4

By lbarnes1318
32 terms by lbarnes1318


16 terms by WFMSTEACHER

English set 4

By statue
32 terms by statue

english set 4

By srmbest
32 terms by srmbest

English vocabulary

By GinnyRadcliffe
21 terms by GinnyRadcliffe


By govindaraju
20 terms by govindaraju

vocab 5

By Sue_Schweinfurth
28 terms by Sue_Schweinfurth

The House on Mango Street Vocabulary

33 terms by GWHS

Vocab 1

By yodael
48 terms by yodael


By Amy_HostetlerTEACHER
20 terms by Amy_HostetlerTEACHER

UOI : Animals (2nd spelling challenge)

By avaldiri
12 terms by avaldiri

English - 2nd 6 Weeks Test

By MschrzanowskiTEACHER
14 terms by MschrzanowskiTEACHER

"ph" Words

By rouncekxTEACHER
19 terms by rouncekxTEACHER


By Nadia_Diplari
10 terms by Nadia_Diplari

Explorers 2 Lexicards "Insects 1"

20 terms by beeuTEACHER

English across the curriculum

By quizlette240702
25 terms by quizlette240702

Animal classification + body parts (my presentations)

By veroniquewwTEACHER
39 terms by veroniquewwTEACHER

Informational Text Vocabulary #1

By B-Easterly
10 terms by B-Easterly