Physics: Amplitude and Intensity

By Annable10
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Amplitude, Power, Intensity, Attenuation

By quizlette666909
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Intensity: Measures of Amplitudes

By Sierra_Quimby
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Ch. 3 Amplitude, Power, Intensity

By Courtney_Stokes3
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By pletchsr
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Loudness and Intensity discrimination

By Max_Gilbane
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COMD 5070 - Module 1 - Intensity and Loudness

By JanetEMarek
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Chapter 4 Intensity

By lorenaeagle
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Intensity and Power

By Seensshell17
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Intensity and Loudness 1

By SaraSeeley
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Intensity and loudness 1-1

By claudia_arredondo3
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Intensity and loudness

By k_lane5690
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Light (Intensity and Wavelength)

By Amanda_M_
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Physics wave intensity and interaction

By Yorty22
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Amplitude Research

By Lola_Mariek
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Complex tones, frequency and intensity

By Elizabeth-Hansen
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By lexi_nowak
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Light and Sound

By aseelali2015
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2. Intensity

By artlejandra
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chapter 11: intensity & EM waves

By cfi3
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Sound Waves and the Ear

By robinmitchell61TEACHER
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Intensity of Sound

By rufusrwebster
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sound and ear

By Debra_Scott4
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Waves, Sound and Light

By vannscience
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5070- Sound Basics- Intensity and Loudness Module 1

By westcoast4life
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Waves Vocabulary

By Lindsay_Sloggett
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By Kara_Kerwin
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physics x- week 9 Wave basics

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Waves Vocab - Investigation 89-92

By schulz-meli
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Lecture # 4 | Intensity and Magnitude

By Marga_Ang
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Intensity and Loudness Part 1 Exam 1

By kristaheywood10
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Sound for Lila

By amandahinesbowers
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By nahrens61
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Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light Vocabulary

By wlmedlin
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Acoustics week 1 test #1

By RCM2016
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By emorales7
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Intensity and Loudness Pt. 2

By kristaheywood10
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Lesson 13

By btmspw
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Grade 4 Chapter 13 Sound

By maiwahba66
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sonographic terminology

By Anna_Geletka
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By PoliteL
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Light and Sound 3

By ppiyawadee
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Combo with "Wave Behavior" and 1 other

By cheuft
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7th Grade Science/Chapter 6(English)

By Debra_Newlin
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Sound Vocabulary

By Laurieturnercurran
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Chapter 13: Sound!

9 terms by LarditoTEACHER