Anatomy: Leg & Knee Joint

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Leg & Knee Joint

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Leg & Knee Joint

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Labeling of lower leg, knee, & hip joint.

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Thigh Muscles that move the Knee Joint/Leg

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Summary Action at the Knee Joint/Leg

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The Leg and Knee Joint

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Muscles That Move the Knee Joint/Leg

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MSP3 Anatomy - Leg & Knee

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Foot, Ankle, Lower Leg, Knee Bony Anatomy Exam #2

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Lab: Articulations - Knee (Joints)

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Leg and Knee Joint

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Anatomy knee joint + Face muscles

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knee joint

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Knee Joint/Leg

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knee joint anatomy

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Knee Joint

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Knee joint

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Muscle & Knee Joint Anatomy List

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Muscles of the knee joint that move the leg

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Chapter 8 - Knee Joint

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Muscles that act on the leg (moves knee joint)

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Knee joint and muscle

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Anatomy of the Knee Joint

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Muscles of the Lower Leg and Knee Joint

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Knee Joint

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Movement of Leg at Knee Joint

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Shoulder and Knee joints

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Knee Joint, Leg, Ankle Joint

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Anatomy: Lower leg, knee, hip and thigh.

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Movement of leg at knee joint

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