Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 11 Muscular System Axial and Appendicular Muscles

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Chapter 10: Skeletal Muscle Tissue

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Testing extraocular muscles

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Forearm Muscles

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Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 10 Muscle Tissues

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Anatomy: Muscles that move the thigh/ vertebral collumn

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Muscles (9a)

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Muscles (9b)

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Anatomy Exam 1 (Muscles)

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Anatomy Axial Muscles Exam IIA

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#2.7 [Prevertebral Muscles]

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Chapter 11 Anatomy: The Appendicular Muscles

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Anatomy Exam 2 - Muscle Classification

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#2.6 [Infrahyoid Muscles]

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Anatomy Exam 2 - Smooth Muscle

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#2.5 [Suprahyoid muscles]

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Anatomy Exam 2 - Cardiac Muscle

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Anatomy Exam 2 - Skeletal Muscle

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Anatomy of the Heart (final)

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Shoulder & Upper Arm Muscles

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Muscles of the hip and thigh

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muscles outline

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"A&P I Lab Exam and Muscles

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Lab 4: Facial, Mastication and Abdominal Wall Muscles.

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Scapular Group

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Vertebral Group

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Pectoral Group

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Back Muscles

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Muscle actions of the shoulder joint

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Muscle actions of the shoulder Girdle

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Anatomy: Muscles of the Lower Extremity

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Anatomy: Muscles of the shoulder/upper extremity

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Muscles: Action

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Anatomy Test 2: Ch. 11 Muscles of the body

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Anatomy Test 2: Ch. 10 Skeletal Muscle Tissue

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Muscles: Origins and Insertions- Part Two

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Anatomy & Physiology: Bone Markings; Projections That Are Sites of Muscle and Ligament Attachment.

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Week 10 muscles

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Abdominal, Respiration, and Segmental muscles

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Muscle and Muscle Tissue For Anatomy

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Muscle Organization

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Intrinsic Muscles of the Foot

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Human Anatomy: Contraction of Skeletal Muscle Fibers

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Leg Muscles

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Suboccipital and Deep Neck Muscles

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Mortuary Anatomy Muscles in the Lower Extrememties

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Minor Deep Intrinsic Back Muscles

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Muscle & Nervous Tissue

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