Imperative activity

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Active imperatives

By florrie_brown
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Present Active Imperative

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Words (activity on imperative)

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"To Go": Active/Indicative/Present and Imperative

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Irregular Present Active Imperative Forms

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First Aorist Imperative (Active + Middle)

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Imperative Present Active Verb Conjugations

By revolutionjack
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Imperatives for All Conjugations (Active and Passive)

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Present imperatives active (all conjugations)

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Present Active Latin Verbs with Infinitive and Imperatives

By abramringTEACHER
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Active Indicative Latin Verbs (with present active infinitive and imperatives)

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Greek Present Active Indic./Imper/Inf.

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CLAA GRAMMAR Lesson 34 - Imperative Mood Active Verbs

By ClareReeves
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Imperative Paradigms

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Imperative Practice

By xrdslatin
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Imperative and Infinitive Endings

By kellyt01
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C33 - Imperative Endings

By djeroslow
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Imperative Memory

By mike_manness
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Imperative Verb Endings

By Topher3977
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Verb Review-Indicative, Imperative, Participles

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