MTSA 2013 Broadfields regional pharmacology

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Jake Anesthesia Regional Analgesics

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Local Anesthesia/Regional

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Regional: Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics

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Pharmacology of LAs: Regional Anesthesia

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:: Surgery & Anesthesia - Drugs, Fluids, Etc ::

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Chapter 9 Topical, Local, and Regional Anesthesia

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regional anesthesia

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Basic Neurophysiology: Regional Anesthesia

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Terminology, Guidelines, & Equipment for RA: Regional Anesthesia

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Regional Anesthesia in Critically Ill Patients

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Spinal & Epidural Regional Anesthesia

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Mechanisms of LAs: Regional Anesthesia

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Anatomy of the SNS: Regional Anesthesia

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P&P Exam 2 (Regional Anesthesia) Summer 2015

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Regional Anesthesia

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Regional Anesthesia History and Pharmacology

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regional anesthesia

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M5 Regional Anesthesia

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RA of Head & Neck: Regional Anesthesia

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AST/CST Pharmacology and Anesthesia

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RA: Intro and Pharmacology of LA

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Surgical Pharmacology and Anesthesia---Chapter 9

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regional anesthesia

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P&P Final Exam (Regional Anesthesia) Summer 2015

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SEPT. 17: Regional anesthesia & analgesia

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Barb & Non-barb Induction Agents: Pharmacology of Anesthesia Agents

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Opioid Agonists & Antagonists: Pharmacology of Anesthesia Agents

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Regional Anesthesia: Pediatric, Geriatric, Obstetric

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Kinetics & Dynamics: Pharmacology of Anesthesia Agents

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Neuraxial Anesthesia 3, Regional Exam 2

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Anesthesia Pharmacology

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Intro to Regional Anesthesia

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Regional Anesthesia: Spinals (Principles Exam #4)

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Regional Anesthesia

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Pharmacology II - Anesthesia

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Neuaxial Anesthesia 1, Regional Exam 2

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Modification of Stress Response: Regional Anesthesia

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Neuaxial Anesthesia 2, Regional Exam 2

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Foundations exam 1 (Obstetric and Regional anesthesia)

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Y2S3S3: Regional Anesthesia - Women's Health

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Regional Anesthesia

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pharmacology II: general anesthesia

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Basics- Peripheral Regional Anesthesia

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Regional: Neuraxial Anesthesia (unfinished)

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Regional anesthesia - valley

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Anesthesia Clerkship - Pharmacology Workbook

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