Farm Animals (French-English)

24 terms By jh1954 Teacher

Plural of animals French

30 terms By GrOConnor Teacher

Animals (French Version)

33 terms By ajay-chohan

Animals French

26 terms By JewlzLIGHT

Animals (French)

13 terms By Ts3689

French GCSE vocab - pets and animals

39 terms By philgreek

Zoo animals - French

10 terms By LOTE7SAB

country, city, and animals French

70 terms By aweeamy


27 terms By Artpixie7

animals french

5 terms By ahiggs

2.4 wild animals FRENCH

17 terms By FLES_OREILLY

Animals - French

17 terms By hatran487

2.4 domestic animals FRENCH

12 terms By FLES_OREILLY

French Animals French Explorer Third Edition

30 terms By Cookiemonster471

French GCSE Vocab: Animals

9 terms By xxx_hannahrice_xxx

Animals ( French )

12 terms By natasha168

'spooky' animals French

7 terms By ebenny14

French Animals

16 terms By GrOConnor Teacher

Animals- French

23 terms By MariahRachelle

Zoo animals - French

10 terms By LOTE7RNT

Ocean Animals French Vocab

31 terms By ljafrench Teacher

animals french

10 terms By bloodwolf2000

animals (french)

28 terms By Tylerisepic1

Animals (french)

39 terms By thumtra

animals (french)

35 terms By laurengarbz

Animals (French)

24 terms By jesslean

animals (french)

29 terms By kingzustin

My Animals (French III)

27 terms By green16

Zoo Animals-French

10 terms By LOTE7AKR


27 terms By Gentil_Adzimawo Teacher

Les Animaux De Mer(Sea Animals)[French 1]

26 terms By ErikaGuerrero1

12 Animals-French

12 terms By josephtsou2012 Teacher

Animals French

23 terms By livs2000

French 2 - Animals/ Animal Sounds

42 terms By Karina_Pham

Animals - French II

40 terms By AlejandraTurner

French Animals

10 terms By swalczyk Teacher

Domestic Animals French Part 1

12 terms By kcottrill1

Zoo Animals-French

10 terms By LOTE7TGB


76 terms By Sabrina_Alain

Zoo animals - French

10 terms By LOTE7SHH

Animals (french)

26 terms By Gracemch

Animals French Vocab

45 terms By mlamarre31

Farm Animals (French)

10 terms By KK145

Zoo Animals-French

10 terms By LOTE7RTH