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anthropology human variation

Second Test Anthropology-Human Variation

36 terms By Michael_Belden

Anthropology Human Variation and Human Society

14 terms By Alex_Bates89

Anthropology Human Variation Terms

12 terms By Iamleila

Human Variation

24 terms By sexysusi

Anthropology (Chapter 6: Human Variation and Adaptation)

19 terms By aadonovan

Anthropology 3310 Modern Human Variation 10/10/2013

21 terms By HarrisonSydnor

Anthropology: Chapter 11 - Human Variation

27 terms By Ranishka_Jayakody

Human Variation Test 1

90 terms By mmay94

1) Basics of Anthropology and Human Variation

30 terms By breezyscherer



Human Variations and Origins

30 terms By kittie_babiie_2_kute

Dr. Lee anthropology test. Human variation

60 terms By kaywoodz

Human Variation: Evolution, Adaption, & Adaptability

18 terms By emagen23

Human Variation

28 terms By lydlouise

Human Variation Exam 1

34 terms By amyg505

Anthropology intro and racial and human variation

107 terms By shawkes10

Anthropology intro and racial and human variation

107 terms By shawkes10

Human Variation

66 terms By Caylalc

Anthropology 261: Race, Racism, and Human Variation

31 terms By busymania

Chapter 5 Human Variation

30 terms By alexandraaaa6

Human Variation III

90 terms By mmay94

Modern Human Variation

89 terms By lydlouise

Anthropology quiz 2, ch 3 & 4 Human Variation and Our Cousins

54 terms By chacera

Human Variation Ch 1

50 terms By RapunzelAl96

Human Variation

35 terms By csgunnell

Human Variation Module 2

28 terms By Laura_Hammonds

Anthropology Final (Modern Human Variation & Adaption

16 terms By Rebecca_Ng2

Modern Human Variations

19 terms By leaf4224

Human Variation: adaptation and microevolution

59 terms By whereswalter07

Chapter 4: Evolution, Genetics, and Human Variation

41 terms By jhopgood023

Human Variation Exam 1

100 terms By goleman217

Anthropology Exam 1 (Race and Human Variation)

19 terms By mattgriffwilson

Chapter Six-Human Variation and Adaptation

30 terms By Brenna_Skinner

Anthro 1 - Human Variation/Adaptation/Life Cycle

44 terms By hishida

Chapter 5: Human Variation and Adaptation (Anthropology)

13 terms By BPM219

Human variation

12 terms By suzannemariew

Ethnicity & Human Variation

26 terms By Mbriggs35

Human Variation - Lecture 2

6 terms By Janel989

Chapter 6: Human Variation and Adaption (Anthropology)

10 terms By kirsten_johnson8

Anthropology: Chapter 12: Human Variation and Adaptation

9 terms By J_Saephan

Human Variation

16 terms By shigatsu93ae

Human Variation USM

12 terms By ktedwards

Human Variation; Population Genetics Unit 2

21 terms By ipodps3

Human Variation

15 terms By bcnelson12

2110 Biology of Human Variation

23 terms By spyridon24

Ecology of Human Variation: Midterm

158 terms By emilymulnick

Chapter 8: Human Variation

20 terms By AmberVictoria

Unit Five:Evolution and Human Variation (Ch. 4 and 17)

31 terms By lockandkeyforever

Chapter 4: Evolution, Genetics, and Human Variation

32 terms By lockandkeyforever

Human Variation & Race

24 terms By clemente322
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