Latin & Greek Pre-fixes and Roots List #2

By rhonda_heineyyoungTEACHER
20 terms by rhonda_heineyyoungTEACHER

Pre-AP English - Greek Roots

By pdinger
25 terms by pdinger

Pre-AP English - Latin Roots

24 terms by LUC_LE

Pre-AP English 1 Exam Latin/Greek Prefixes

By leilaniblilly
42 terms by leilaniblilly

English from the Roots Up - Volume I - Lesson 3 (9-12)

28 terms by MMCotterTEACHER

Greek Vocabulary Roots Pre-AP English II

By leilaniblilly
19 terms by leilaniblilly

pre ap english roots

By danidgk7816
55 terms by danidgk7816

English Pre-AP Greek And Latin Affixes

By britney_shepherd
47 terms by britney_shepherd

Latin and Greek pre ap English roots

By PreAPEnglishI
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Pre-ap english latin and greek roots unit 10 vocab

By jamarhi_Difourt
20 terms by jamarhi_Difourt

Greek/Latin Vocab 8 Roots Pre-AP English 9th

12 terms by MADELINE_MARTIN3

English Pre-AP Greek Roots vocabulary

By Tpomberg
30 terms by Tpomberg

Unit One Greek/Latin Roots Pre Ap English 2

By Zach_Spivak
12 terms by Zach_Spivak

Unit 4 Greek/Latin Roots Pre Ap English 2

By Zach_Spivak
12 terms by Zach_Spivak

English 2 pre-ap Latin/Greek roots unit 6

By Zach_Spivak
12 terms by Zach_Spivak

Unit 2 Vocab Latin/Greek Roots English 2 Pre Ap

By Zach_Spivak
11 terms by Zach_Spivak

Unit 3 Greek/latin Roots Pre Ap English 2

By Zach_Spivak
11 terms by Zach_Spivak

Greek Roots ~ Pre-AP English

124 terms by EMILY_BROOME

English 9 Unit 3 Latin/Greek Roots

By MrsLamb123TEACHER
16 terms by MrsLamb123TEACHER

Greek Root Words ~ Pre-AP English

118 terms by EMILY_BROOME

Pre-AP English Greek Roots

By buttyl26
23 terms by buttyl26

Hyp and Therm Greek/Latin Root Words Study Guide Pre Ap. English

By katheriner_floate
9 terms by katheriner_floate

Greek Roots-Mr. Mishou's AP English

By Hannah_Sickler
40 terms by Hannah_Sickler

English 10 Unit 17 Latin/Greek Roots

By MrsLamb123TEACHER
17 terms by MrsLamb123TEACHER

Pre-AP English II Vocabulary

By audrey_deleuil
15 terms by audrey_deleuil

English 9 Latin & Greek Roots


Latin Roots- Pre Ap English

By jordannicole85
30 terms by jordannicole85

AP English Latin/Greek Roots

By mariecinatl
115 terms by mariecinatl

Pre-AP English II DHS Latin Roots 5

By mikeocurts40
40 terms by mikeocurts40

Greek & Latin Roots AP English

By ashleyelaine26
45 terms by ashleyelaine26

Greek and Latin Roots and Meanings AP English 3

By sydneyanne229
87 terms by sydneyanne229

AP English Greek and Latin Roots

By Ruki8
76 terms by Ruki8

pre-ap English Vocab Latin Roots 1-5 Review

By sylviepants98
31 terms by sylviepants98

English 9 Unit 5 Latin/Greek Roots Vocab

By MrsLamb123TEACHER
15 terms by MrsLamb123TEACHER

AP English Greek and Latin Roots 2

By iainperry1
88 terms by iainperry1

AP English Greek and Latin Roots

By laurjang
32 terms by laurjang

AP English III Greek and Latin Roots

By Melissa_Martin19
40 terms by Melissa_Martin19

Greek/Latin Roots - AP English 3

By macyeutter
40 terms by macyeutter

AP English 12 Latin and Greek Roots

By kwhit44
180 terms by kwhit44

AP English Vocabulary, Literary Terms, and Latin/Greek Roots

By sean_mckee_
480 terms by sean_mckee_

ASGILL AP ENGLISH Greek and Latin Roots List 1

By alexrocha16
80 terms by alexrocha16

Pre AP English 10 LTHS Latin Roots

By Rabb600
165 terms by Rabb600

Greek and Latin Roots: AP English 3

By Annie_Porter12
98 terms by Annie_Porter12

Greek and Latin Suffixes Pre AP English

By dsseeley17
20 terms by dsseeley17

Latin Roots Quiz Pre AP English

By ali_bornhorst
24 terms by ali_bornhorst

Pre-AP English Roots Derived from Latin

By buttyl26
24 terms by buttyl26