AP Japanese (House vocab)

By kotani62TEACHER
45 terms by kotani62TEACHER

AP Japanese modified

By myamamotohpa
13 terms by myamamotohpa

AP Art History: Japanese

By tonegaka
8 terms by tonegaka

AP art history, Japanese

By Hannah_Work
23 terms by Hannah_Work


By oliver_spencer
13 terms by oliver_spencer

AP Art History Japanese Art Quiz

By pattersonp3
11 terms by pattersonp3

AP Art History - Japanese Art - Images and Vocabulary

By sydneypaige_kay
15 terms by sydneypaige_kay


By evl_emille
13 terms by evl_emille

AP Art History artworks (Japanese-Americas)

By ReillyJonathanClark
32 terms by ReillyJonathanClark

AP Art History Japanese Art Quiz

By jackw99
11 terms by jackw99

AP Art History Chapter 29: Japanese Art

By cecilialo
22 terms by cecilialo

AP Art History Chapter 29: Japanese Art

By leahwood7
22 terms by leahwood7

AP Art History Chapter 29: Japanese Art

By elaserra
22 terms by elaserra

AP Art History Chapters 11 & 25 Japanese Art

By catherine_pavell
46 terms by catherine_pavell

Basic Japanese Adjectives

By rubidiummTEACHER
18 terms by rubidiummTEACHER

Japanese greetings and basic introduction

16 terms by GBHSBeateTEACHER

Japanese 1020 Vocab 6C (Part 1)

13 terms by TimStoutTEACHER

Japanese Greetings with pictures

By beattysenseiTEACHER
17 terms by beattysenseiTEACHER

Japanese numeral -suuji 0 to 10 in Kanji character images

11 terms by JL34747TEACHER

Japanese food names -washoku

By SIDEJapanese
45 terms by SIDEJapanese

102 Essential Japanese Verbs (Polite form)

By ganbareTEACHER
102 terms by ganbareTEACHER

109 Essential Japanese Verbs (dict. form)

109 terms by motooTEACHER

AP Kanji: The Whole Darn List (animated gif version)

By Rebecca_Allen_SenseiTEACHER
410 terms by Rebecca_Allen_SenseiTEACHER

Stout AP 5 City, Part B

25 terms by TimStoutTEACHER

ALL levels: 早口言葉(はやくちことば) Japanese tongue twister

By kotani62TEACHER
15 terms by kotani62TEACHER


By kotani62TEACHER
8 terms by kotani62TEACHER

Beginning Japanese- Unit 6: My Body-My Health Vocab

By beattysenseiTEACHER
55 terms by beattysenseiTEACHER


By morikawasenseiTEACHER
20 terms by morikawasenseiTEACHER

Japanese L2 tango review: classroom

By harasenseiTEACHER
30 terms by harasenseiTEACHER

Adventures in Japanese 3 Ch 1 Vocabulary

By shapirosensei
36 terms by shapirosensei

AP Environmental Science- Human Population

53 terms by BCHSMsMcCallTEACHER

J2 - Kanji Review

48 terms by ColpanTEACHER

AP World History - Questions #3

By adamadamsTEACHER
200 terms by adamadamsTEACHER

Level 4 Lesson 2 Vocabululary

By carolynikuta
68 terms by carolynikuta

AP World History Unit 3 500-1450

By narutag
46 terms by narutag

AP US Period 8 (1945-1980)

By darthgarnerTEACHER
18 terms by darthgarnerTEACHER

APART: Japanese Art

By Leah_Edmundson
9 terms by Leah_Edmundson

Genki Lesson 4 Vocabulary

By rubidiummTEACHER
60 terms by rubidiummTEACHER

AP Kanji: Subset 1/5 (animated gif version)

By Rebecca_Allen_SenseiTEACHER
82 terms by Rebecca_Allen_SenseiTEACHER

AP The Eisenhower Years, 1952-1960

By Larry_Also
47 terms by Larry_Also

29: Japanese Art

By rtuo
20 terms by rtuo

Genki Lesson 7 Vocabulary

By rubidiummTEACHER
46 terms by rubidiummTEACHER

J1 Unit 4 - Means of Communication PLACES

By beattysenseiTEACHER
16 terms by beattysenseiTEACHER

AP US Period 8 (1945-1980)

By dheckwolfTEACHER
18 terms by dheckwolfTEACHER

AIJ vol.1 ch.11日本の祝祭日:National Holidays and Celebrations (Jan.-Jul.)

By kotani62TEACHER
9 terms by kotani62TEACHER

AP and IB Kanji List Combinations List #8 (List 351-400)

By carolynikuta
81 terms by carolynikuta

Self, Familly & Friends Vocab: Family, gender, etc.

By beattysenseiTEACHER
18 terms by beattysenseiTEACHER

AP Chinese reading task vocab

By MsWulaoshiTEACHER
31 terms by MsWulaoshiTEACHER

Genki Lesson 6 Vocabulary

By rubidiummTEACHER
51 terms by rubidiummTEACHER