Poetry: Symbol, Allegory, and Irony

By Onsmith
11 terms by Onsmith

AP Academic Vocabulary: Symbolism and Allegory

By LN-oneonesix
8 terms by LN-oneonesix

AP Lit Chapter 6 Notes: Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy

By flynncortez
12 terms by flynncortez

AP Lit Chapter 6 Notes: Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy

12 terms by PATRICIA230

AP Lit Chapter 6 Notes: Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy

By Patricia2099
12 terms by Patricia2099

AP Poetry Vocab Words (allegory thru dramatic monologue)

By 16rollins1
20 terms by 16rollins1

AP English Literature- Symbol(Poetry)

By Cey-CeyDominique
20 terms by Cey-CeyDominique

AP Poetry Quiz #6 (simile thru symbol)

By Kadis
10 terms by Kadis

09.0. Symbolism and Allegory

By andrewraymondkeatingTEACHER
12 terms by andrewraymondkeatingTEACHER

AP Literature Poetry Devices

By ms_burnettTEACHER
40 terms by ms_burnettTEACHER


By Claudia_Felske
24 terms by Claudia_Felske

AP Poetry Terms

By suzanne_lin
52 terms by suzanne_lin

Poetry Terms

By gierokaTEACHER
24 terms by gierokaTEACHER

Allegory of the cave symbolism

By orlaith_duddy
13 terms by orlaith_duddy

AP English Language Allegory-Apostrophe

By fatkat33
10 terms by fatkat33

AP English Language Allegory-Apostrophe

By Kathy_Piazza8
10 terms by Kathy_Piazza8

AP English Language Allegory-Apostrophe

By holly_s_green
10 terms by holly_s_green

AP English allegory-wit

By oliviaBettlin
75 terms by oliviaBettlin

AP Poetry Terms--2015

By kwillis2013TEACHER
40 terms by kwillis2013TEACHER

AP Latin Poetry Terms

By bartlett_pear
45 terms by bartlett_pear

AP Lit Poetry

By ke_hoilandTEACHER
38 terms by ke_hoilandTEACHER

AP Literature Poetry Devices

By Mrsflannery
32 terms by Mrsflannery

Poetry Types

By PioneerLady
19 terms by PioneerLady

AP Poetry Terms

By shamoont
23 terms by shamoont


By joyhorton
10 terms by joyhorton

AP Poetry Terms

By Molly_Beck
54 terms by Molly_Beck

Stine AP Poetry Terms

By MsStine
65 terms by MsStine

AP Poetry Terms

By ladevbry
55 terms by ladevbry

Poetry Terms - AP Lit/Honors

By Beth_Lewis6
59 terms by Beth_Lewis6

AP Poetry Terms

By Destiny_Gibson
13 terms by Destiny_Gibson

Poetry terms

By davenhunsicker
27 terms by davenhunsicker

AP Poetry Terms

By TanskiLandTEACHER
60 terms by TanskiLandTEACHER

Test #1 Allegory to Connotation

By HStringham
19 terms by HStringham

AP Literature Vocab III (Poetry)

By clarycarleton
25 terms by clarycarleton

AP Lit Fundamentals of poetry

By Jean_KanzingerTEACHER
87 terms by Jean_KanzingerTEACHER

Ap terms Allegory- connotation

By hellohamptonm
17 terms by hellohamptonm

AP Lang Allegory-Connotation

By Cambria_Stame
17 terms by Cambria_Stame

2015 AP Literature Poetry Devices

By sstapleTEACHER
40 terms by sstapleTEACHER

AP Poetry Vocab List 2

By Teach327TEACHER
10 terms by Teach327TEACHER

AP Terms: Allegory-Connotation

By samtudor
17 terms by samtudor

2015 AP Literature Poetry Review

By hkstaples
98 terms by hkstaples

Terms for AP

By greta_perrine
31 terms by greta_perrine

12.0. The Elements of Poetry

By andrewraymondkeatingTEACHER
37 terms by andrewraymondkeatingTEACHER

AP Lit. Poetry F.O.S. For Feb. 5th

By maryanncampbell
11 terms by maryanncampbell

AP Lit. & Comp. Literary Terms Master List

By mrlewisbelgradeTEACHER
154 terms by mrlewisbelgradeTEACHER

Poetry Unit 2

By Nikolas_Zazula
27 terms by Nikolas_Zazula

AP Poetry Vocabulary List 1

By S_Elwood
27 terms by S_Elwood

AP Literature Poetry Devices

By Kristina_Thompson6
40 terms by Kristina_Thompson6