Textile/Apparel Industry

By Jessica_Ning
37 terms by Jessica_Ning

Introduction to the Apparel and Textile Industries

By Noa_Kate
87 terms by Noa_Kate

Introduction to the Apparel and Textile Industries

By Bess101202
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FCS Test - Textile and Apparel Industry

By hailey_logan2
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Apparel and Textile Production- Industrial Revolution

By Jayden_Murphy9
9 terms by Jayden_Murphy9

Apparel II- 1.01 Careers in the Apparel & Textile Industry- Promotion

By lisaannallen55
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1.01 Understand Careers in the Apparel and Textile Industry

By Abby_Perdue1
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Textiles for Apparel

By griseldat1
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Apparel & Textile Production I- 1.01 Industrial Revolution

11 terms by jreiterPCHSTEACHER

apparel and textile

By haleypetersn
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Apparel & Textile

By Pavaaang
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Apparel and Textile

By sydneyygraceee
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Apparel and Textile

By mxlc7
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Textile and Apparel Industry Chapters 1-4 (True and False)

By VIctoria_Lepore
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Apparel & Textile Production I- 1.01 Industrial Revolution

By mmlankford
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The Evolution of Textiles and Apparel - Student Made

By Patterson2020
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FCS Praxis - Textiles and Apparel

By elliebesso
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Apparel II Textile Market

By Jessa_Redner
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textiles and apparel science to design

By Cathy_Caylor
48 terms by Cathy_Caylor

Apparel and Textile Production I

29 terms by jreiterPCHSTEACHER

Apparel Industry

By rg078607
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Wool in apparel and interior textiles

By amanda_c_newbold
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Textiles for Apparel Ch. 2

By karlaapineda
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Apparel Industry Construction Methods

By Jessa_Redner
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Textiles for Apparel Ch. 3

By karlaapineda
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Textiles for apparel 2

By llshokoll
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Textiles for Apparel Ch. 1

By karlaapineda
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Apparel and Home Textiles

35 terms by BREONNA_ARNOLD

evolution of textiles and apparel

By JulieElizabeth98
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Evolution of Textiles and Apparel

By corabrookeharris
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Evolution Of Textiles and Apparel

By Antania_Wilkerson
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Evolution of Textiles and Apparel

By ShaynaB27
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Evolution of textiles and apparel terms

By MikaylaKelly97
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Evolution of Textiles and Apparel Inman

By zyxz222
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The Evolution of Textiles and Apparel - Steere

By megansteere
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Evolution of Textiles and Apparel

By BrookeJulian12
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Apparel & textile 3

By Wendy89
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D.Studio Textiles & Apparel

By AleynaH
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Textiles and Apparel Exam 1

By cari_gonzales
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Apparel & Textile Production I.

By bri_symone
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Textiles and Apparel Merchandising and Promotion

By ChloeJenkins143
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Apparel and Textile Prod 1

By Vivian_Pennington
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Textiles and apparel Exam 3

By ivett_lemus
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Aesthetics of apparel and textiles final

By crwinkley
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Apparel and Textile Production II

By TreasureRaine
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apparel and textiles I final exam

By Hasma0674
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Apparel and textile Production 1

By maritzajaimes0
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