English Words that are French!

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ARE french vocab

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Numbers 11-20. Talk About Yourself. Talk About Your Family. Say How Old You Are. (French)

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Saying where things are french

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Flashcards are French

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frenc definitions and words that are french

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Asking/saying what ones fav subjects are ( french)

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where things are(french)

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Where is/are... French

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where things are french

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where things are (french)

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there is there are french

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Saying where people are (French unit 3)

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Hi Numph these are french verbs

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Responding about how you are French

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How far away places are - French

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Understand how far away places are - French

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To ask where things are (french)

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have fun extra i copied this if you want to do go right ahead they are french

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Are they French?

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BAGS! Quick list of adjectives that are placed before a noun in French

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Gahanna French I Lesson 6-Where are you?

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Bien dit 1 chpt 1-1 greetings, name, how are you vocab

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How old are? and #0-30

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Why We are so Fat (and the French are not)

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There is, there are, there isn't, there aren't

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How are you? feelings in French

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French Animals

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Chapter 1 - What's your name & How old are you?

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Ch. 1 Asking how people are/telling how you are

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Gahanna French I Lesson 2 talking about who people are

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First 50 French Words

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Drabant MHS French 1 Unit 1 - How are you?

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02. Earworms French CD 2 - Are you French?

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List of adjectives and how they are modified

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Telling Where You Are Going (French-English)

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Where are you from?

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Unité 1 Leçon 1 "How are you" p. 24

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Taupo College/French/Year 9/What sort of person are you?

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French : Colors

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Negatives, and You Are Very Negative (Mar.30)

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How are you?

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D'Accord Unit 1A How are you? French w/ image-English

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Où vas-tu? Where are you going?

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Saying where people are

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French Vocab: Saying where things are

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French Clothes That Are Derpy

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Chapter 5.2 : Où vas-tu? Où est-ce que tu vas? (Where are you going?)

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i am, you are, we are, he is, she is, and negitives!

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