Are in French

By Saoirse_xoxo
8 terms by Saoirse_xoxo

Are they French?

By themachinegoesonTEACHER
16 terms by themachinegoesonTEACHER

French (___ are)

By hpatt22
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Are they French?

By profzaraTEACHER
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How are you? (French)

By mrsmegsnook
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Words That Are For French

15 terms by theWALKER_STAPLETON


By mvoelker5T
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French How Are You

By coolschoolperson
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French (How are you?)

By ambervx
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French- How are you

By cfidl2
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French where people are

By rebeccalynn_13
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French "where are you"

By Emlovesnestle
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Where things are (french)

By clairehubley
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Have, has, are(French)

By isabellagracexo
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French ( how are you..)

By gracepearsonn
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French How Are You?

By Lucillia_DiCenso
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How are you? French

By A_FluffyUnicorn_A
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French-How are you?

9 terms by SoSCoS

French:How are you?

By bigfatmowmow
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French: How are you?

By princess60
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How are you? feelings in French

By abdelkhilaTEACHER
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How are you? || French

By peachytinie
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AS French are qualifications important?

By A2asfc
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French are vocab

By paigenicole02
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Are you hungry? (French)

By Jacy_Velazquez
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French - Where places are

By z500024
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French- How are you?

By emmy771
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French - How are you?

By rashelr
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French "How are you?"

By flandezb
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French: How Are You?

By milly_art
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Where thing are /French

By britneyyngo
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French Colors are AWESOME!!!!

By frenchisawesome123
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French how are u

By Sean_Putnam
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french // how are you

By cgwatsonn
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French Numbers are AWESOME!!!

By frenchisawesome123
10 terms by frenchisawesome123

French how are you

By MasonHWeider
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French (is,are,be)

By brooklinnwright
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French Finals are Yucky

By savvy108
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French Is/Am/Are

By kennediwright
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french things are back

By Riley_Switzler
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French 'are' verbs

By shuttleshot_
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where things are (French)

By best_of_alyson
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French -are/is/have

By inkaolivia
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Where is/are... French

By SamHambidge
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French-where things are

By FOT522196
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French word endings and are

By Blatter123
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french where people are

By smudgie1
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French- where are you

By gsmit008
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French what are those

By BAStudentDD
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Where things are in french

By sarah_uchiha
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