Basic Spanish - How are you?

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Spanish 1, We are family Test Review

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Realidades 1 PE Greetings, Good-byes, How are you

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Say How You Are: Spanish 1

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Realidades 1 - Chapter 0 - How are you?

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Say how you are (Spanish 1)

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Chapter 1A Vocabulario - What are you like?

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PE: How are you? and feelings

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Voc. 1B. Talk about you and others are like.

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Question words and Is/Are

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Where are you from?

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Spanish 1 - 4A To talk about when things are done

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Spanish 1 Asking and saying how you are

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How are you and other intro questions

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2.6 Where are you going? What are you going to do?

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Spanish 1-1B: What are you like?

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Spanish 1 - 1B To tell whom you are talking about

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Chapter 1: Greetings, goodbyes, how are you

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1-B What are you like? Spanish 1

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Spanish 1 Saying where you and other are from

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Spanish 1 Who are you talking to? Chapter 1b (pg 70)

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Week 3 Asking how you are feeling

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Ven Conmigo 1.1.2a Where are you from?

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How are you? (Cómo estás?)

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Week 4 Using forms of ser (am, is, are)

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Realidades 1 - Chapter 1B - What are you like?

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realidades L1U1 How are you?

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4A - ¿Adónde vas? To where are you going?

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1B - ¿Cómo Eres? What are you like?

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