Spanish Test ARGENTINA

By Kostandin_Cano
80 terms by Kostandin_Cano

Preterito Perfecto

By rbeez
27 terms by rbeez

Repaso Pretérito (verbos regulares)

By Cesar_Menjivar
12 terms by Cesar_Menjivar

Lexico- Argentina

By Della_Norton
9 terms by Della_Norton

VENIR, QUERER, TRAER, DECIR en el pretérito

By LCampo2
36 terms by LCampo2

Verb tenses and verbs

By karenlpopeTEACHER
14 terms by karenlpopeTEACHER

Pretérito CAR, GAR, ZAR

By LCampo2
22 terms by LCampo2

Spanish III

By Ariel_Castellanos
36 terms by Ariel_Castellanos

Pretérito Perfecto - Regulares e Irregulares

By antonio_amoTEACHER
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Argentina - S326

By mark_bond37
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Hola A2 Lección 12

By laviana
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Ch. 6 español

By evansemily1
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Imperfecto vs. Pretérito

By tedon18
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Spanish Stuff (3-1)

By Sid3721
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Spanish 201 Capitulos 10-18

By margmolo
16 terms by margmolo

Preterito Imperfecto

By christina_Campigotto
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By Michelle_Nicklas
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All Conjugation SPN 3300

By weebit4121
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diversidad del español en el mundo (examen final)

By shortie4593
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Mtel spanish,

By learnqwik
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Omg copy

By google6996
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Pretérito indefinido - setninger

By konradutkowski
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Spanish II: Cumulative Review

By Haleigh_Armstrong4
87 terms by Haleigh_Armstrong4

capítulo 2

By caseyjoye
76 terms by caseyjoye

spanish preterite, imperfect, and inventions chapter

By NikkiIgnatowski
37 terms by NikkiIgnatowski

Prueba 1

By Morevna101
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Spanish Perfiles

By chellemcvay
23 terms by chellemcvay

Guía de Estudio 3er Trimestre, 7

By volley_lover6
18 terms by volley_lover6

Guía de estudio para examen: Capítulo 2

By lemon-squeezy
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By taylorelisekirby
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12 y 13

By essentielley
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FLS 430: Problemas y técnicas y teoría

By sojourner_white
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Español Actual Variedades - Examen Final

By sarahannbentley
76 terms by sarahannbentley

Spanish Mid-Term :Terms

By dancecare01
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Examen en Español 20a

By jessica_sanchez7742
30 terms by jessica_sanchez7742

Equivalentes de to know

By sclem43
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By maynare
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Los Reyes Magos

By debbyisawesome
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Spanish- Final

By meghansproule
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Spanish test 4

By manib_268
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Español en el mundo

By allierod23
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By sophiacutrubus
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Spanish final exam

By Kambryxx
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El Español Actual Fase 2

By ivonne_ramirez4
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Chapter One Test

By Natalie_j85
21 terms by Natalie_j85

Final Spanish Exam

By frances_ulep
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SPAN 323 Exam 1

By elisafish
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Spanish semester 2 Final

By gustobiee
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Spanish Test #2

By marshamaria4
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spanish final

By shdjbrk
32 terms by shdjbrk