Art - Artist Test

28 terms By mreicks

European Art Artistic Movements

3 terms By Wendigo_eater

Unidad 10 - Art & Artists

61 terms By JTClark18

tech and arts artists

41 terms By lilliancurme

Spanish Art/Artist VOCAB

61 terms By MollyMenapace

Spanish Art/Artist Vocabulary

38 terms By qparker26

Asian Art Artists

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Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Art/Artist

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25 terms By zamil10

ART -> Artist

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fine arts, artist

33 terms By Kate3200

ACDEC Art: Artistic Movements

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Beaux Arts Artists

40 terms By Caroline49

Civ Arts Artist Characteristics

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WSC 2015 Art—Artists

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Final Art: Artist Questions

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Art/Artist Final 2015

38 terms By delaneyhaas

*ART Artist Background

44 terms By jantholz

Spanish Art Artists!

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intro to art artists

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Rococo - Pop Art, artists

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Civ Arts Artists

72 terms By lcchaves

Art & Artists

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History Art Matching (Art/Artist)

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Modern Art (artist and classification)

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Art/ artistic attribution

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19th Century Art Artist/Art

25 terms By Shelly_Baldrige

Integrated Arts Artists!

21 terms By Bioniccivnerd

Fine arts artists and works

33 terms By yungshmuel

Art History 188: Art & Artist

24 terms By bvksierra

Fine Arts Artists Final

31 terms By cetomlinson

spanish art/artists

31 terms By nikidsouza

Well Known Art + Artist

104 terms By Angelus_Imperfetto

Tech and Arts artist

104 terms By marieg551

UIL Art: Artists and Artwork

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19 terms By ceci_ly

Art & Artist Semester Final

30 terms By Jasmine_murillo

American Art: Artists & Randoms

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22 terms By acrowe1999

NAQT Art/Artists

30 terms By M3183210

IB Arts Artist Questions

119 terms By AsianPenguin0306

Art & artist Midterm 2014

29 terms By Jasmine_murillo

Art artists works 2

29 terms By Jlatman

Famous Works of Art- Artists

30 terms By DHARMA_BRUCE4

2-D art artist final

33 terms By meg_stanton12