Berea College Women in Art: Artists, works, and dates

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Civ Arts Artist Characteristics

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Art-artist name

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Civ Arts Artists

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Civ Arts Artists

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Chapter: Art; Artist characteristics

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AP ART-Artists, paintings etc

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Unidad 10 - Art & Artists

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Modern Art (artist and classification)

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Fine Arts Artists Final

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Art/ artistic attribution

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Appreciation of Fine Arts Artists

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Contemporary Art: Artist ID Quiz

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3-D Art - Artists

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renaissance art/artist

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Hawaiian Art (Artist & Artworks)

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10.04: Late African and North American Art Artists and Styles

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AP Euro- Post Renaissance Art Artists/Art

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History Art Matching (Art/Artist)

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Art & artist Midterm 2014

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ACDEC Art: Artistic Movements

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Tech and Arts Artists 4th Block Jacklin

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Test 3 Art/Artists

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AP Euro- Renaissance Art, Artists

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Modern Art (Artist, time periods, and artwork)

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Art & Artists

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UIL Art: Artists and Artwork

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TCM Visual Art: Artist

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Classical/Hellenistic Greek Art (artists)

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art artists

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Art & Artists Exam #2

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Art: artists+names of works (2016)

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Symbolist art&artist

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Art Artists

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Well Known Art + Artist

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Appreciation of Fine Arts (artist's and musician's works)

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Art artist

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WSC 2015 Art—Artists

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Art: Artist, Name, Materials used

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Survey of Western Art: ARTISTS #3

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Tech and Arts artist

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Renaissance Art/Artists

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Art & Artists - Renaissance Terms List

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(Intro To Fine Arts) Artists

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fine arts, artists, television, cinema, artisans

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WSC 2015 Art—Artists

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African Art (Artist)

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Art & Artists Exam

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World History Art/Artist Quiz

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