Arts and Humanities

By AllyFlowers
20 terms by AllyFlowers

Humanities CLEP - Visual Art

By joycopu
18 terms by joycopu

Arts and Humanities

By Cool_M8
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Baroque Art - Humanities

By nguyentrina99
30 terms by nguyentrina99

Humanities - Art w/ Style

By Quincey_Hettinger
18 terms by Quincey_Hettinger

Humanities Art Second Semester

By cmerdich
41 terms by cmerdich

Renaissance Art - Humanities

By nguyentrina99
32 terms by nguyentrina99

Humanities Art Identification

By natalyne_tes
33 terms by natalyne_tes

Humanities Art Pictures

By drm105
32 terms by drm105

Humanities Art 2015

By rubenh00
13 terms by rubenh00

Humanities Contemporary Art

By tanvi_deshpande
9 terms by tanvi_deshpande

Art History and Terms- Humanities

By Dancerinky
24 terms by Dancerinky

Humanities Art Vocab #2

By IrisNaomi
50 terms by IrisNaomi

Humanities Renaissance Art


Humanities Works of Art

By Sage_Schweickert
37 terms by Sage_Schweickert

Renaissance Art (Humanities I)

By Raquel129613
18 terms by Raquel129613

Humanities Art Terms

By smamers
43 terms by smamers

Art Humanities - readings

By emmaov
15 terms by emmaov

humanities greece art

By george_someris
12 terms by george_someris

Humanities Art Vocab #1

By IrisNaomi
84 terms by IrisNaomi

Art Humanities Midterm

By luna550
38 terms by luna550

Specific Art- Humanities

By wendywuhw
9 terms by wendywuhw

Humanities Art Pieces

By Katlyn_Smith1
10 terms by Katlyn_Smith1

Arts and Humanities

By aidanlaynelion
30 terms by aidanlaynelion

humanities: art portion

By Meghan_Shugart
88 terms by Meghan_Shugart

Humanities - Art w/ Artist

By Quincey_Hettinger
18 terms by Quincey_Hettinger

Humanities Art ID's

By swany3434
8 terms by swany3434

Humanities 2.2 Art

By Malaveylo
9 terms by Malaveylo

Humanities RR Unit Art

By vaibhavk01
20 terms by vaibhavk01

Humanities Baroque Art

By lilness12
12 terms by lilness12

Human Art

By adrianagugs
8 terms by adrianagugs

Humanities Art #3

By AlisiaPop
63 terms by AlisiaPop

Humanities Renaissance Art

By katli8312
47 terms by katli8312

Humanities Renaissance Art Review

By AlegraBiscotti
49 terms by AlegraBiscotti

Humanities Art Terms Test 1

By naomicutler
41 terms by naomicutler

Humanities Art Identification

By Rhianna_dg97
30 terms by Rhianna_dg97

Humanities: Modern Art

By willy_roy
33 terms by willy_roy

Humanities I Art H

By amelnychuck
75 terms by amelnychuck

Humanities Modern Art2Know

By pikachulliah
9 terms by pikachulliah

Art Humanities for Jena

By yymAJ
22 terms by yymAJ

Art work Humanities

By nick_teachenor
21 terms by nick_teachenor

Humanities Clep: Music, Art, Etc.

By Lhazu1
110 terms by Lhazu1

Art Test 4 Humanities

By shadwgod
32 terms by shadwgod

Humanities Art Slides 2

By beatriz_mtz97
53 terms by beatriz_mtz97

Art Humanities Part 2

By wessilfie
49 terms by wessilfie

Humanities Art 2

By mhatch7
69 terms by mhatch7

Humanities - Art w/ Style

By Quincey_Hettinger
18 terms by Quincey_Hettinger

Humanities Art Midterm

By paigesondorp
31 terms by paigesondorp

Humanities Test 2 Art

By nmartinez2012
17 terms by nmartinez2012

humanities art test 3

By Rebecca_Renee3
25 terms by Rebecca_Renee3