Art slides

By Calvin_Lazaro
28 terms by Calvin_Lazaro

Gothic Art Slides II

By MadisonRae
42 terms by MadisonRae

Art Slides

By TheKnick12
30 terms by TheKnick12

ARTHC Final Art Slides

By Reagan_Remington
41 terms by Reagan_Remington

ARTH 111 Exam Art Slide

By melmaster
37 terms by melmaster

Art History Art slides

By Kristen_Pearson3
20 terms by Kristen_Pearson3

HUMN: Unit 3- Art Slides

By bmeyer96
33 terms by bmeyer96

Early Christian, Jewish and Late Imperial Art slides

By Paternostro0930
8 terms by Paternostro0930

Art Slide Final Exam

By Natalie_Sepulveda
50 terms by Natalie_Sepulveda

History Art Slides

By Chloe_Myszka
38 terms by Chloe_Myszka

Final Art Slides

By smschriner
45 terms by smschriner

Humanities Art Slides

By beatriz_mtz97
53 terms by beatriz_mtz97

Modern Art Slides

By hollynr1
40 terms by hollynr1

Art slides western civ

By Samluttmann
35 terms by Samluttmann

Art slide quiz 1

By mady_coughlin
35 terms by mady_coughlin

Art slides for Test 2 Arts 201

By HannahRB6
30 terms by HannahRB6

Art slides

By Nidus72
23 terms by Nidus72

Art Slides

By Bethbutt
25 terms by Bethbutt

New 35 art slides

By patrick_bronstein
32 terms by patrick_bronstein

Western Civilization Art Slides

By ctumpkin
31 terms by ctumpkin

Islamic Art Slide Quiz 3

By tinkerbell3601
45 terms by tinkerbell3601

Modern Art Slide Quiz 1

By Hpquizzy
35 terms by Hpquizzy

Contemporary Art - Slides - Exam II

By Serena_Stapert
36 terms by Serena_Stapert

19th Century Art Slides 1

By Kate_Sabey
44 terms by Kate_Sabey

Modern Art Slides for final

By abbster15
45 terms by abbster15

Modern Art- Slide Quiz 4

By PriscLabbaika
62 terms by PriscLabbaika

Contemporary Art - Slides - Final Exam

By Serena_Stapert
43 terms by Serena_Stapert

HUMN unit 4 - art slides

By abigailejones94
36 terms by abigailejones94

Modern Art- Slide Quiz 3

By PriscLabbaika
68 terms by PriscLabbaika

McCarville Second Art Slides Set

By bauer_d
31 terms by bauer_d

Modern Art Slide Test

By chase_premone
30 terms by chase_premone

Art History 1 Final Art Slides

By Deshaun_Covington1
25 terms by Deshaun_Covington1

19th Century Art Slides 2

By Kate_Sabey
76 terms by Kate_Sabey

Contemporary Art Slide ID

By Silverfurred
28 terms by Silverfurred

Contemporary Art Slide Identification

By MissStama
28 terms by MissStama

Art Slides

By claudia_m_ibanez
20 terms by claudia_m_ibanez

Humanities 102 Exam Three Art Slides

By cccKouhai
33 terms by cccKouhai

HUMN Exam #3 Art Slides

By meganwilliams15
31 terms by meganwilliams15

Humanities 102 Unit 3 (? i think) Art slides

By kaori_nicole_clemmer
33 terms by kaori_nicole_clemmer

Art Slides: Rome, Late Antiquity & Byzantium

By ebaylor
47 terms by ebaylor

Humn 102 unit 2 Art slides

By elissa_borchert
43 terms by elissa_borchert

Northern Renaissance Art Slide Quiz 1

By maryclairethomas
42 terms by maryclairethomas

HUMN 202 UNIT 4 Art slides

By NotNoahEvans
37 terms by NotNoahEvans

Art Slide List Final

By Tina_DaForno
47 terms by Tina_DaForno

US Art Slide Quiz 1

By cara_mchenry
30 terms by cara_mchenry

Islamic Art Slide Quiz 2

By tinkerbell3601
30 terms by tinkerbell3601

Western Art Slide List 2 sentences

By cinderellen
31 terms by cinderellen

Visual Arts: Slide Test #4

By dajuanevanjohnson
30 terms by dajuanevanjohnson

gothic and romanesque art slides

By KennedyBW
26 terms by KennedyBW

Art slide identification

By Savannah_Tetreault
25 terms by Savannah_Tetreault