Asking ?'s

By dtfinelli
9 terms by dtfinelli

asking someone's name

By SenoraRhodes
9 terms by SenoraRhodes

Asking Someone's Name

By Carley_FontanaTEACHER
15 terms by Carley_FontanaTEACHER

Asking Someone's Name

By sodaspanish
10 terms by sodaspanish

Asking someone's birthday...

By jahmedjussaume
15 terms by jahmedjussaume

Asking Someone's Name

By baxton1960
9 terms by baxton1960

Asking someone's name...

By jahmedjussaume
10 terms by jahmedjussaume

Asking someone's name...

By tmoloney
8 terms by tmoloney

Asking for the day and date..., Asking someone's birthday...

By jahmedjussaume
37 terms by jahmedjussaume

Asking and giving one's age

By Lena_Reinikainen
18 terms by Lena_Reinikainen

Asking Q's

By mika_jessica
8 terms by mika_jessica

S. Asking questions

By crichy
8 terms by crichy

Spanish 1: Asking ?'s

By Christian_Anacaya6
11 terms by Christian_Anacaya6

asking thingy's spanish

By AlyshaMcSmiley121
13 terms by AlyshaMcSmiley121

Asking someone's name

By SarahKorns
10 terms by SarahKorns

Asking & Answering ?s

By StriHad
23 terms by StriHad

Asking Someone's Name


Asking somebody's opinion

By hoalys1978
10 terms by hoalys1978

S. Asking and telling time

By crichy
16 terms by crichy

Asking Someone's Age

By McKenna_Magathan7
9 terms by McKenna_Magathan7

Spanish asking age and #'s

By adamtucker1719
16 terms by adamtucker1719

Asking Someone's Name

By charis_suh
8 terms by charis_suh

Asking someone's name

By maria_olvera9
9 terms by maria_olvera9

Asking Someone's Name

By gretazier
10 terms by gretazier

asking someone's names

By heatherkeary
10 terms by heatherkeary

4. Asking one's name

By milandaisy
8 terms by milandaisy

Asking the other's opinion

By Justina777
12 terms by Justina777

Asking Someone's Name

By Trinnity_Williams
12 terms by Trinnity_Williams

Asking someone's name

By HulaGirl03
8 terms by HulaGirl03

Asking someone's name

By aubrey_lark
8 terms by aubrey_lark

asking about someone's nationality

By Nhi218
10 terms by Nhi218

Asking for directions: it's the...on the...

By kissneszabo
9 terms by kissneszabo

007 Asking Someone's Name

By flashito
8 terms by flashito

Previously asked Q's

By Blueknight911
88 terms by Blueknight911

Asking for & Expressing One's Opinion

By Laurence_KlinkeTEACHER
17 terms by Laurence_KlinkeTEACHER

Asking for someone's name/age

By Courtney_Hanzlian
14 terms by Courtney_Hanzlian

Reader's ask

By SHABANI-Leutrime
46 terms by SHABANI-Leutrime

Asking for someone's name and responding

By FrauKieffaberTEACHER
28 terms by FrauKieffaberTEACHER

Asking for One's Phone Number

By SandvickTEACHER
14 terms by SandvickTEACHER

Asking someone's name and age

By fmhinat
8 terms by fmhinat

Asking About Someone's Day

By miss_abbey13
43 terms by miss_abbey13

Asking about Someone's Family

By Mazie95
17 terms by Mazie95

Asking About Someone's Nationality

By brooke_hankinson
11 terms by brooke_hankinson

Asking About Someone's Nationality

By L275129
11 terms by L275129

Asking about someone's day

By libbyal
45 terms by libbyal

Asking about Someone's Nationality

By soofaloof
11 terms by soofaloof

Asking about someone's day

By frenchstu
31 terms by frenchstu

Asking about someone's day

By Beaverlotron
42 terms by Beaverlotron