Be able to compare governments in Athens and Sparta

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Be able to compare women's rolls in Athens and Sparta

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Sparta VS Athens

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Be able to compare slave's rolls in Athens and Sparta

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Know the similarities and differences of the Greek city-states

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Athens Ascendant

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Democracy in ancient Athens

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Democracy In Athens

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Western Civilization 1- Exam 1

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Ancient Greece Quiz

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Histoire - Athènes

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Athens and Sparta Review

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BAT 7 History 9/3/15 the legacy of the ancient world ATHENS AND SPARTA

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Ch. 4 Sec. 2 - Sparta and Athens

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Greek world: Development of Athens and Athenian empire

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Democracy in Athens

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The Birth of Democracy in Athens

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Psychology Chapter 1

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Athens vs. Sparta

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Lit. Ancient Athens Guided Notes

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Social Studies Unit Test Geography Of Greece, Athens, And Sparta

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Key Terms Athens: Reacting

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The Fall of Athens and Hells: Alexander and the Hellenistic World

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AP study guide

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sparta and athens

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history test athens

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Sparta and Athens

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golden age of Athens

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Athens' Glory Vocab West. Trad.

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Sparta or Athens?

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Arbejdsopgaver: Athen og Sparta

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Allemand Athènes

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ANCIENT GREECE Chapter 6, Section 4- Athens and Sparta

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SW Chapter 8: Athens

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Art with pictures - missing some pictures

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Women in Ancient Athens

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The Polis, Sparta, Athens, and the Philosophers

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Athens and Sparta--Ancient Greece

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Ancient Athens

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Democracy in Ancient Athens

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Ch. 5 Athens' Time of Glory

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